{friday finds: gingerbread house inspiration}

6 Gingerbread Houses to Inspire Your Holiday Decorating

From ancient Greece to Medieval Europe, gingerbread is rich with history and culinary traditions. We can thank the Brothers Grimm for introducing the actual gingerbread house concept in their classic fairy tale, Hansel and Gretel. Today, gingerbread houses have transformed into intricate and sometimes spectacular creations, but you don’t have to be a master baker to create your own work of art. There are plenty of kits available with instructions on how to bake, assemble and paint your very own gingerbread houses and villages. Here are some of our favorite gingerbread house designs that inspire.

The White House

The First Family’s Christmas decorations include this intricate miniature White House replicated in gingerbread.


World’s Most Expensive Gingerbread House

In Sweden, plenty of chocolate, marzipan, sweet pasta and of course, gingerbread, are used to concoct the world’s most expensive gingerbread house replete with fully furnished confectionary creations, geese and snowmen.

10 Best Places to See Gingerbread Houses

Feel like a holiday excursion? Here’s a list of the best places to see gingerbread houses and competitions around the nation including New York City, Seattle and Pittsburgh. 

Amazing Gingerbread Houses

Take a look at a baker’s dozen of gingerbread house masterpieces from around the nation. You won’t believe these are all made from cookies and icing.

Ritz-Carlton, Sarasota “Naughty and Nice”

A 12-person team at the Ritz-Carlton Sarasota hotel creates an impressive 661-pound gingerbread display. The executive chef in charge shares her insight into the design and creation, as well as provides tips for those who want to make their own gingerbread house.

Martha’s Favorites

More than 400 people submitted photos of their personal gingerbread house creations to lifestyle maven, Martha Stewart. Take a look at Martha’s favorite two dozen picks.

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