{window treatment wednesday: picking the right window treatment}

Shop at Home to find the Right Window Treatment

In the store or on the pages of a magazine they seem so perfect, so beautiful and ridiculously simple to install and yet like so many things, do-it-yourself window treatments are not always what they seem. There are so many variables to consider when selecting window treatments and there is no manual that tells you how to pick the right window treatment for your room. In the absence of professional advice, we increase our probability of selecting the wrong blind, installing it and then living with these window treatments, convincing ourselves each day that they’re not as ugly as we think!

Of course, truly, they probably should be replaced – much sooner than you had hoped – and so you spend twice as much money by not taking more time to understand what treatments work best for your home. Shannon Scarrella manages the Window Treatment Division at Hirshfield’s and has these three reasons why you should schedule a window fashions professional to visit your home prior to signing a purchase order for new window treatments.

Accurate Measurements

It can seem so simple, especially for the “weekend design warrior,” and still people make measuring mistakes all of the time. Think about it – an expert measures windows for a living and you measure windows a few times in your life! Without accurate measurements, you increase the likelihood of having window treatments that are never quite right. When an expert visits your home, not only are they probably more precise with a measuring tape, they also know the products and the various ways to install the window treatments. They can also present various options for installation and give you valuable advice as to what works best for your home.

Expert Opinion

You live in your home and often you lose sight of the details that make your home unique. When an expert comes to your home, they quickly identify the nuances of your rooms and may pull inspiration that you started glazing over years ago. Making the most of your living spaces is important and just because a window treatment in a Hunter-Douglas book looks great on the pages, doesn’t mean that specific style or color will work in your home. Upon a home visit, a window fashion’s expert will offer a “fresh set of eyes” on your home and can give objective, custom advice regarding your selections.

Certified Professionals

You may be surprised to know that many design professionals have had to pass certifications issued by companies before they can work with their products. For example, Hunter-Douglas Window Fashions has a certification process as part of its Professional Dealer Program. The training allows the designers to better serve their customers with extensive product knowledge and fulfill their commitment of superior service, quality and delivery. “We’re fortunate here at Hirshfield’s, said Scarrella, “that so many of our sales associates have completed the certified professional program. It’s a real vote of confidence for our customers.”

Since Frank and Elizabeth Hirshfield opened their first store in 1894, it has been our mission to do the best job possible meeting customer needs and solving customer problems. Hirshfield’s. People and products you can trust.

One Response to “{window treatment wednesday: picking the right window treatment}”

  1. yolands Says:

    Love.ur blog first time reading it and cannot believe the beauty exhibited on the walls shown in ur post. Not to mention the high level of creativity of the painters. I bow to all of.them. Need ur advice please. I painted half a wall (bedroom)with “caliente”paint color. I.don’t want to.use gold color paint. Thank u. Ceiling is white.

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