{window treatment wednesday: celebrity style}

Window Shades of the Stars

When we’re thinking of redecorating, remodeling or changing something in our home, sometimes we need a little inspiration. At times that comes from magazines, home remodeling shows, our favorite furniture store, or online—maybe even stargazing at celebrities’ homes via photos on the Internet.

Here are some celebrities’ former homes and lessons we can take from their window treatments. Shannon Scarrella, a Minneapolis window coverings expert at Hirshfield’s, has some insight to share about these stars’ windows.

#2 Katy Perry. Scarrella liked that the window treatment was darker than the walls and added some drama to the room, but thought the drapery rod should have been either extended or made shorter to line up with the window.

#20 Ryan Phillipe. These are very minimal roller shades, probably automated to raise and lower depending on the time of day.

#28 Emeril Lagasse. These windows have shutters in a smaller louver to match the trim—very classic and clean.

#53  Britney Spears. “These are draperies done right,” says Scarrella. “You can tell by the fullness of them that they were meant to be used and aren’t just stationary side panels.”

#92 Christina Aguilera. “Great use of a room divider as well as a sound absorber,” noted Scarrella. “Since she’s in the music industry, I believe she could create some very intimate settings by closing off the drapes and playing music.”

In general, because celebrities tend to travel often, they have unique pieces to showcase. “The majority of the window treatments were a backdrop,” says Scarrella. “There were some pretty spectacular views that I assume they didn’t want obstructed. Some of the homes were secluded as well, so privacy may not be an issue.

“When it comes to window treatments and designing, I believe the window treatment should complement the room.  The materials can be more luxurious and still stay neutral. For some of the younger celebrities, who haven’t acquired as much yet, a fun pattern may help to bring personality to a space.”

Scarrella expects to see more upscale materials and organic linens and silks in an A-lister’s house than the average customer looking for window coverings. “The typical consumer will purchase materials based on looks as well as function. A natural, organic material won’t retain shape the same way that a polyester might. Most of our consumers use window treatments and need function, whereas in an A-lister’s house the draperies may or may not always be used, so function may not be as important as looks.

Whether or not you have the budget of a celebrity, it’s fun to look at their houses and try out some of their ideas, whether it’s floor-to-ceiling window treatments, classic shutters or full draperies.

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