{window treatment wednesday: interview with a window treatment expert}

For the Love of Window Treatments

Scott Anderson, Minneapolis window treatment sales

Scott Anderson, Minneapolis window coverings expert

Hirshfield’s prides itself on its expert staff members. Some have wanted to work in home improvement or decorating since they were little, while others fell in love with the field later in life.

For Scott Anderson, a Minneapolis window coverings expert, it began when he was about to become a father for the first time. His wife was expecting, and the home builder he worked for couldn’t give him consistent work during the winter months. Someone mentioned an opportunity for working in the window covering business. He interviewed and had a job in a matter of days. Now, years later, he’s working in sales.

“Every day has an interesting variety of customers and projects,” Anderson said. “Different customers have different wants and needs at different locations. Being able to identify how to best meet those wants and needs with the variety of products we offer is a compelling challenge.”

Anderson works with residential and commercial customers, and each has its unique challenge. With commercial customers, there can be many people, each with his or her own ideas giving input about the project. There can be challenging spaces with difficult access to windows and various mounting surfaces, but Anderson enjoys the projects. “A fairly new option from one of our vendors allows us to put custom graphics on shades—from a simple logo to a favorite photograph.”

For Anderson, the best part of the job is hearing how pleased his customers are when the project is finished. “There are sometimes oohs and ahs,” he said. “To hear the delight of the customer after I install the product is still very satisfying.” The next best thing? When the customer calls back about another project. “Having them call again for more work is very rewarding, as is having them refer you to friends and family.”

Anderson has some favorite window coverings anecdotes. “I was installing a new vertical blind for an elderly couple for their large picture window in their living room,” he recalled. “They sat together on the sofa, watching me the whole time, smiling and asking occasional questions. As I finished, I stepped back and looked at them to see their reaction. She was looking at the new blind and smiling. He was smiling while looking at her. Then she looked at the old sofa, and then at the new blind … then at the old carpeting, and at the new blind, then at the old wallpaper and at the new blind. The husband noticed this, held up his right hand, and told her, ‘No, no, no. I’ll just dirty up the new blinds a bit.’”

Since Frank and Elizabeth Hirshfield opened their first store in 1894, it has been our mission to do the best job possible meeting customer needs and solving customer problems. Hirshfield’s. People and products you can trust.

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