{window treatment wednesday: best window coverings for the office}

Make your office your own with the window coverings that are best for the office

I once worked in a new office space that had no window coverings. Although I loved sitting near a window, in the morning the sun’s rays would hit me right in the eyes. I had to sit at an angle to see my computer screen and joked that I was going to charge my company for Botox injections because of all the squinting! But all joking aside, it was truly a strain on my eyes and I was relieved when the window treatments were installed.

Window treatments are just as important in an office setting as they are in the home. Scott Anderson is a window coverings expert who specializes in commercial window treatments. He has insight about what works best when it comes to window coverings for the office.

“The window coverings that look most professional are ones that blend in with the office décor and control light and privacy without being noticed,” says Anderson. “It can also be a matter of personal preference for the people occupying the space. Do they want their customers or vendors to notice the window coverings and to perhaps comment on them? Or would they prefer to save those comments for a piece of artwork or some other part of the décor?”

Anderson recommends that office managers consider a number of factors when they consider the right window treatments, from cost to logistics. For example, windows in a healthcare setting need a higher standard of privacy than a retail or restaurant location. “Does the sun need to be completely blocked for a video screen or does it need to deflect or soften the heat and glare to maintain a view?” Asks Anderson. “They may have to consider upkeep and maintenance if a lot of dust or other substance is generated in the course of daily work activities. Nobody wants to be dusting the miniblinds every other day.”

The most common types of window coverings for commercial applications are aluminum and wood horizontal blinds because of affordability and ease of use. Vertical blinds with PVC vanes are often used in large spaces and in situations where cleaning is a primary concern. “One product that is seeing more use is called a sunscreen,” says Anderson. “It’s a roller type shade, made out of a woven, mesh-like material. It’s easy to use and maintain and has varying opacities and densities to stop heat gain while allowing a view to the outside.”

There are many considerations to think about when choosing window coverings for a commercial space. Contact your local Hirshfield’s and talk to a window coverings expert—they’ll ask the right questions to help you choose what’s right for your work space.

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