{window treatment wednesday: window treatments for winter}

Window Treatments for Winter energy efficient window treatment

The weather outside is frightful, as the song declares. And I have to agree; it’s bitterly cold, snowy and very wintery—personally, I’d like to take a long hibernation, or at least some time to snuggle down with a cup of hot chocolate and a good book. This time of year we tend to crave comfort, coziness, warmth and contentment. How can window treatments help our homes stay comfortable and cozy in the winter?

Kathryn Gravening is a Minneapolis window coverings expert. She says that windows are the easiest points of entry for cold air to invade your home during the winter. “Window frames, sills and panes of glass can not insulate as well as walls,” says Gravening. “Thankfully there are many products that can help.”

She recommends a honeycomb shade because it creates a dead air space, keeping cold out and warmth in. “The Hunter Douglas Duettes Architella even qualifies for the federal tax rebate,” explains Gravening. “This product has a cell inside the cell, so there are three separate layers to trap air and insulate. And if you want the sunshine that arrives for eight to 10 hours, they offer an Architella that allows light through but is still a double cell.”

Draperies are another insulator and were actually invented for that purpose (if you think your house is drafty, just picture an old English castle). Today’s draperies are constructed with linings that help stop cold and drafts from entering your home. Heavier-weight linen and traditional velvet draperies are good choices. “Pick a warm color for the draperies to brighten the room on those days and nights when the temp is below zero,” says Gravening. “Yellow, gold tones and reds add warmth and make you smile. But any treatment that covers the window will add insulating value by trapping air.”

This winter, stay cozy in your home and in your mind by choosing window coverings that offer a warm, comforting look plus great insulating value.

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