{window treatment wednesday: latest technology}

Window Treatment Wednesday, May the Technology be with You

Horizons blackout shades

We live in a tech-filled era. From smartphones to integrated home systems, we can alter our surroundings, go shopping or communicate with our loved ones with just a few taps. Window treatments are full of new technologies, too. The average homeowner replaces their window treatments about once every seven years. Think about what’s changed in seven years—the first iPhone came out about six and a half years ago (June 2007) and now we have the iPhone 5! According to Shannon Scarrella, an expert in Minneapolis window coverings, new technologies give people flexibility and control and reduce maintenance.

“Adding a power option to your window treatments used to be quite costly,” says Scarrella. “That’s no longer the case. As technology becomes more advanced, engineers have access to more tools. This has helped bring the price down on technology in window treatments. These days you can control your window treatments from your iPad.” Hunter Douglas has an app for their products that operates on the iPad’s 2.1 operating system. 

Operating your window coverings remotely allows you to create moods for different rooms, or change when you want blinds to be open or closed. For example, maybe you want them closed during the summer weekdays when you’re at work, open all day in the winter, or have them open and close while you’re away from home. Shutters can be remotely controlled as well. “We offer a collection of shutters through Shop at Home that have the ability to be motorized,” says Scarrella. “The motor allows you to choose how much you want to open or close your louvers and are available on all shapes of windows.”

Cordless shades aren’t new, but the mechanisms are constantly improving and more products are able to be cordless than were available previously. For example, the Silhouette with Literise is the latest cordless option from Hunter Douglas.

If you haven’t replaced your window treatments for a long time, you might enjoy the top down, bottom up features on honeycomb and cellular shades.

Fabrics are also improved in Minneapolis window coverings. For example, Nano-Tex is added to fabrics to give them improved durability and stain resistance. It’s not merely applied to the top of the fabric but is molded into the fabric, which means that liquids spilled onto it just bead up and can be wiped off—a must for parents!

“The fabrics are also available in a larger variety of fabrics and materials, from linens to faux silks, textures to bold graphics,” says Scarrella. “If it’s too overwhelming, the designers at Shop at Home will come to your home, gather your sense of style and help put a room together that will make you friends ‘Oooh’ and ‘Ah’ when they come in!”

Since Frank and Elizabeth Hirshfield opened their first store in 1894, it has been our mission to do the best job possible meeting customer needs and solving customer problems. Hirshfield’s. People and products you can trust.

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  1. {window treatment wednesday: international window coverings expo} | Hirshfield's Color Club Says:

    […] “Technology is still big and the engineering of window treatments keeps improving,” says Scarrella. “With motorization, things are able to be produced larger and wider than before. And motorized drapery rods were pretty fascinating—[now] they have batteries in the actual rod, allowing it to spin and operate the drapes.” […]

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