{window treatment wednesday: made in the shade}

Use window treatments to achieve complete darkness when sleeping.

Horizons blackout shades

Room darkening roller shades from Horizon.

A good night’s sleep can make all the difference! Uninterrupted, quality sleep can put you in a better mood and keep you productive. If you’re a light sleeper or work odd hours, special window treatments may be just the solution you need to block out disruptive light and achieve a solid snooze.

Complete darkness can also help tremendously with energy efficiency. Hunter Douglas just came out with the Trielle Architella in blackout. This is the most energy-efficient honeycomb shade on the market, keeping bedrooms nice and dark for sleeping while trapping the cool air inside during hot summer months.

Shannon, the Hirshfield’s Shop at Home resident window treatment expert, shares more tips on how to select these window treatments that specialize in blocking out the sun.

Window Treatment Solutions

There are many types of treatments that will provide darkness in a room, but some provide a better job than others. Opaque honeycomb shades provide the best option in terms of blackout.  Roman Shades from Horizons offer a blackout liner, combining fashion and function.  Typically on a Roman shade with blackout liner, you can get pinholes from where the liner is attached to the face fabric, but our exclusive production method means every stitch is completely sealed for a true blackout shade.

An inside mount application isn’t the best if you want complete darkness. There are deductions taken from the manufacturer on any window treatment that is mounted inside. These deductions allow for the window treatment to fit properly, but also means that there will be light gaps around the shade.

An outside mount application will diminish this problem. It is ideal to go wider (approx. 3-4”) on  each side. This will help eliminate some of the light that is coming through.

Draperies and side panels are able to come with attached blackout liners in them.  You can inside mount a honeycomb or Roman shade and dress the side with room darkening side panels for a layering effect. The side panels will help to cover the light gaps from the inside mount window treatment. The designs are ever-changing with window treatments.  Lifting mechanisms are becoming sleeker and fabrics have more texture and color to them than ever before. Drapery material can allow for some more personality. With thousands of fabrics to select from and the ability to add blackout liner, the options are endless.

Dark shades don’t have to hide you from the light 24/7 though. Dual shades or twin shades allow for a rear shade to operate independently of the front shade. One option, the Horizons Twin Shade, offers the option of having a beautiful, natural texture as the front shade, and any roller shade behind it. The roller shade can be a blackout shade, giving you the best of both worlds!

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