{bits & pieces: Oronoco Gold Rush Days}


It’s time to start your training for Junk Bonanza! Gold Rush Days in Oronoco, Mn, is the perfect venue to hone your junking strategies.

The show runs August 16-18, 2013, with 400 vendors offering up their wares. Details for the three-day event can be found here.  It looks like a well run show, staffed by Oronoco volunteers, with after-expense proceeds going to local not-for-profit groups. A great excuse to get out of the city for a day…for those of us who don’t have cabins.


Along with all the visiting vendors you’ll find Ki Nassauer and her Junk Bonanza gang on the main pathway at A015 and A022. Check out the Junk Bonanza Blog for the who, what, where and when. Stop by and enter your name in the drawing for Early Bird Junk Bonanza tickets.


HIRSHFIELD’S IS GOING TO BE THERE! Hirshfield’s is so excited to have an hour under the “Big Top” on Saturday at 11:00. Drew (Hirshfield’s Plaster Center) is demonstrating Cottage Paint. If you’re not familiar with Cottage Paint it is a clay-based paint, requiring no sanding, or priming, just a clean surface. Old furniture and Cottage Paint make for a colorful and happy union.

Time to round up your friends and plan your trip to Oronoco. I hope you find all sorts of goodies you have to sneak into the house.

P.S. I forgot to mention that Hirshfield’s will be at Junk Bonanza in September (26-28). We can’t wait!

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