{father’s day diy gifts}

Handmade gifts for dad.

Show dad how much you really care this Father’s Day with a gift straight from the heart. These handmade gifts can be personalized to fit your father’s style. Ditch the ties and golf shirts you get him every year and opt for something fun, festive, and different!

Painted Coasters
A colorful coaster quartet adds a personal touch and a vibrant splash to dad’s favorite drink. Use a thin paintbrush and porcelain paint on white ceramic tiles to design his own collection. Attach rubber cabinet bumpers to the backs of tiles before painting for a slip-free finish.
Simple handmade gifts for Father's Day.

Patterned Pen and Pencil Holder
Liven up dad’s office with bold patterns. He’ll never lose a pen again before an important meeting with this holder. Start with a block of 4×4-inch wood, and sand it to smooth the rough edges. Once sanded, paint the top any color you like. Cut the bottom of the block at an angle to tilt the base, then measure the sides of the block to determine the length of decorative paper needed to cover them. Soak the paper in water to make it pliable, then use a thin layer of watered-down decoupage medium to evenly attach the paper to the sides of the block. Line up the paper with the block’s painted top; if the paper is too long at the bottom end, neatly wrap it around the base. Seal the paper with a top coat of the decoupage medium. On the top of the block, measure and mark pencil holes in an evenly spaced pattern; drill holes into the top at a 90-degree angle using a 1/2-inch bit.
Simple handmade gifts for Father's Day.
Chalkboard Photo Frame
Showcase your favorite memory with your dad in a photo frame that can be doodled and designed any way you want. Reuse an old, outdated wooden frame and transform it into the perfect Father’s Day gift. Benjamin Moore Chalkboard Paint is available in any color you can imagine, allowing you to write a heartfelt message or caption on the frame.
Simple handmade gifts for Father's Day.

Painted Desk Accessories
A porcelain paint pen gives you the power to create custom office accessories with ease. Choose plain serving ware like saucers and small dishes that are multifunctional and can hold paper clips, rubber bands, business cards, and other assorted desk needs. Then add a colorful addition by drawing away with the pen!
Simple handmade gifts for Father's Day.

 A handmade gift is one dad will treasure for years to come. Embrace your inner artist and get crafting before Father’s Day!

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