{design trends: embellished walls}

2013 is all about dimension and texture. From the runway to your room, embellishment is guaranteed to draw the eyes in. By rethinking the use of flat walls, you can provide dimension and interest. There is no wrong way to pull this trend off, except by not daring to try it.

Glass, beads, lace, wallpaper, the options are limitless. Decide your materials based on the decorations you already have. Simplification is vital however. Embellished walls become the focal point, so minimal other pieces are necessary.

Price range varies on embellished options based on the amount of DIY you’re willing to contribute. One personalized option is to paper the walls with pages from your favorite novel. This eco-friendly option will become the new conversation starter for every dinner party.

Embellished walls is a completely feasible DIY option.

Embellished walls is a completely feasible DIY option.

Continuing with the green trend and remaining environmentally responsible, embellishment is best executed when reusing materials. Window shutters can be pieced together to geometrically form a wall piece.

Window shutters provide a rustic feel.

Window shutters provide a rustic feel.

For a more elegant feel, lace or fabric is the classic option. This versatile option is perfect for renters who don’t want to break their lease. Use liquid starch to adhere the fabric to the wall for a semipermanent option.

Use liquid starch for removable wallpaper.

Use liquid starch for easy removable of fabric.

Which embellished option are you waiting to try?

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