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What makes a good home office? More Minnesotans are asking this question as the Twin Cities has experienced the fifth-biggest rise among metro areas nationwide in the number of workers based at least partly at home, according to U.S. Census Bureau commuting surveys. Between 2000 and 2010, the number rose by almost 22,000 people, to about 82,500, according to estimates. If you are one of these thousands, turn your home into a work-friendly environment with these tips.

  • Feeling blue. Blue is associated with the title of being the most productive color. Known to evoke mental clarity, blue will bring a sense of calmness while keeping your mood light. Blue is the perfect non-stimulating, relaxing color that is required to help you maintain focus during highly demanding projects.
People tend to be more productive in blue rooms.

People tend to be more productive in blue rooms.

  • Orange goodness. Orange accents may be distracting for jobs requiring intense concentration, but is an asset for creative fields. Orange inspires enthusiasm and creativity, keeping you motivated during the day. Paint an accent wall with this vibrant hue or use orange office accessories to boost your mood.
Orange inspires creativity.

Orange inspires creativity.

  • Mother Nature. Breathe easy with an office plant. These natural air purifiers bring a touch of the outdoors to your secluded space.
  • Let there be light. In a home office, you have the power to choose different light sources rather than glaring fluorescent. Take advantage of natural light when you can, but choose lamps with soft bulbs when that is not available. Be aware of monitor placement in regards to windows in order to avoid glare.
Position your desk to enjoy sun but avoid glare.

Position your desk to enjoy sun but avoid glare.

  • Keep it personal. Bring in elements that make you happy. Family photographs, your favorite books, travel souvenirs, are all welcome. Create a space that feels part of your home, not separate.

Keep yourself motivated and happy with these home office tips. This is your home, you have the option to personalize the room to suit your comfort and needs.

What tips do you have to create a welcome home office environment?

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