{calling all junkers and junk hunks…it’s bonanza time}


Hirshfield’s is over the top with excitement to be partnering with Junk Bonanza at their first spring fling.

If you’re a junker then this is the place for you. Get out the calendar and pencil yourself in for the most fun a junker can have:

  • 140 juried vendors are lined up for the first spring Junk Bonanza.
  • A Weddings Lab will be debuting at the spring Junk Bonanza. Have you seen the premier issue of Flea Market Style Weddings ?
  • Lucky Friday (April 19) is when Junk Bonanza vendors give away coupons worth $50 or more for use in the vendors’ booths. I was at the 2012 fall Bonanza and it seemed like they were calling out names of lucky winners all day long.
  • Inspiration overload.
  • Hirshfield’s is going to be there!!!

I’d love to share what we’re showcasing, but you’ll have to wait. We’re waiting on a new product and it will be in next week…curse you snow. As soon as it’s in our stores I’ll give you the heads up. We’re very excited to add this paint product to our consumer mix. We’ll also have a few Early Bird tickets to give away so stay tuned.

Here’s a video clip from Junk Bonanza 2011/2012 – take a peek if you’ve never been, or relive the excitement of Junk Bonanza.

Have a grand weekend!

P.S. How could I forget to give you the link to the JUNK BONANZA BLOG?  “Your source for all things Junk Bonanza.”

81 Responses to “{calling all junkers and junk hunks…it’s bonanza time}”

  1. una Says:

    can’t waite to be insired at Junk Bonanza……..

  2. Heather Raduenz Says:

    I’m hoping to go! Please enter me for the drawing – thanks!!!

  3. Donna Bosmans Says:

    I would love it if you could put my name in for the drawing for the early bird tickets!! Donna Bosmans, bosmans@msn.com, 763-614-7457.
    thank you!!

  4. Liza Meacham Says:

    Can’t wait to get there!

  5. kim kopen Says:

    sounds fun,i’ve never attended.

  6. Richard Johnston Says:

    This is a great event for finding those different item for decorating. Won’t miss it. Thanks for the reminder


  7. Janet Hart Says:

    Please enter me for he drawing! Sounds fun!

  8. Eve Knight Says:

    This looks like so much fun. I have never been to it.

  9. diane gray Says:

    I’m so excited! This would be the first time I have attended and I can’t wait to see the use of paint to make cottage pieces! I LOVE Hirschfields paints!

  10. Vicky Schluter Says:

    I didn’t know about this – I’d love tickets to the event – thanks for the offer.

  11. sherry bowman Says:

    hope I win!

  12. Carol J. Gordon Says:

    Count me in! I need to ‘update’ with paint – and I am a great ‘recycler’ of unique pieces. This event sounds fun:)

    Carol Gordon

  13. Kelly Netishen Says:

    Junk Bonanza is a wonderful event, would love the opportunity to go as an “early bird”!

  14. Kathy Reif Anderson Says:

    This is new to me… sounds fab for the new/old products, demos, ideas and re-purposing creativity… I’m in!

  15. Connie Rudolph Says:

    Sounds right up my alley. I will be a first timer!

  16. Jan Hunt Says:

    I wish we would get a Hirshfields in Woodbury! A comment that I have heard from my wife many times.

    • Marsha Says:

      Hirshfield’s is in Woodbury. It’s off Radio Dr. and there is a Von Hansen’s Meats in the same center. Here’s the address:
      8470 City Centre Drive

      Stop by!

  17. Ann Says:

    Sounds like an awesome event–glad to know about it and have a chance to attend early!

  18. Julie Myles Says:

    Sounds like fun! Would love to get there ahead of the crowds! Sign me up! Jul

  19. Susie Says:

    Sign me up! This is my kind of thing!

  20. Eugene Persha Says:

    Someone’s junk is another person’s treasure!

  21. Peg Says:

    First time for me… Virgin Junk Bonanza girl?.. sounds fun!! sign me up!

  22. Nancy Hans Says:

    I have never been to Junk Bonanza before and would enjoy receiving tickets

  23. Pat Bellows Says:

    We have never gone and would love to—sounds great!

  24. Margaret Kelly Says:

    Everyone has always said it’s great – enter me!

  25. Stephanie Hendrikson Says:

    I LOVE junk bonanza and so excited to go on Thursday! My friends and I make it an annual trip. I will look for Hirshfields this year (and chalk paint??!)

  26. Denise Says:

    Would love to win!! Sounds like fun !

  27. Molly Wallace Says:

    Pick me! I love the junk bonanza and hirschfields paint!!!

  28. Cathy Stevens Says:

    Junk Bonanza is a great event ! Looking forward to many fun and unusual finds.

  29. Sue Weis Says:

    Met Ki last year in Oronoko – simply amazing, I’m hooked! Hirschfields & Junk Bananza – perfect partners for fun projects!

  30. Tamara Flanagan Says:

    Pick me! Pick me! Please enter me in the Junk Bonanza drawing, I’m a first timer!

  31. L.A. Peterson Says:

    I love shopping at Hirschfields and have never been to a junk Bonanza. It would be such a treat me.

  32. Nikki Says:

    Junk Bonanza is so fun! would love to go early!

  33. Kate Gillett Says:

    I’d love to go! Me. Me.

  34. Lisa Paulson Says:

    So excited for the SPRING Junk Bonanza! (Is it Spring??) It is a great day of fun!

  35. Julie Turbitt Says:

    Have been shopping Junk Bonanza since it was Junk Market. Love their finds and creations! Can’t wait to attend.

  36. Sue Schultz Says:

    Love Junk Bonanza!

  37. Charlotte Johnson Says:

    I’d love to go! I had never heard of this event before. Thanks for the heads-up, Hirshfield’s!

  38. marcia hayes Says:

    I have never been to the junk market, my girlfriend and I would love to go we are junkers and rehabers
    I would love to win tickets especially since my bday is the 16th. What a great gift to myself please put me in the drawing
    Thank you

  39. Crystal Roemmich Says:

    I’d love to go!

  40. Annette Young Says:

    Can’t wait to attend! I’ve never been and after just moving back from living abroad since 2008 I can’t wait to be inspired again by all the antiques and unique diamonds in the rough! And to top it off I have repainted my house with fantastic Hirshfields colors with the helpful advice from their staff. I now intend to use their colors to repurpose my finds at the Junk Bonanza!!!! See you in the shop next week!

  41. lizshops Says:

    How did I not know about this?? Clearing my calendar that morning and rounding up my girlfriends. Glad the email was sent! Thank you Hirshfields!!

  42. Joan Says:

    I have never been, but it sounds like fun.

  43. Sue J Says:

    Since I’m not creative enough to do this myself I need to attend the junk Bonanza! Please enter me in the drawing.

  44. faye Says:

    Can’t wait until Thursday morning!!!

  45. Patrice St Cyr Says:

    Have someone here painting my Master Bedroom now with Hirshfield Paint! Now I need new things to complete it. Looking forward to my first trip to the Junk Bonanza

  46. Peg` Says:

    Can’t wait! Please enter me in the drawing.

  47. Peg` Says:

    Please enter me in the drawing.

  48. Carrie K Says:

    Moving into a new house- its a blank slate. This would be a great place to get inspiration for colors, decor, ideas. Hoping to win some tickets!!!!

  49. Brenda Ploen Says:

    I’m über excited about looking at all the junk! I’m a first timer and hope to make it a yearly event! Please consider me for early bird tickets! I’m a hirschfields/Benjamin Moore supporter!

  50. Sue Says:

    Have always wanted to go…hoping for tickets

  51. Pat Says:

    Absolutely would love to go.

  52. shellycoenen@yahoo.com Says:

    Went last year. Bringing my husband this year. He’s a teacher and taking a day off. Hope he enjoys it and gets some ideas for some great DIY projects!

  53. Sue Says:

    Should be a fun time.

  54. Jon G Says:

    Have never attended. This year will be my first.

  55. Paulette Ellis Says:

    I could use a change in the scenery (really…this snow is depressing) and would appreciate the opportunity to attend. Please enter me in the drawing for two free tickets. Thank you 🙂

  56. Heather Burke Says:

    I’m looking forward to finding some old treasures for my new home

  57. Jen D Says:

    You never know what you’ll find at the Junk Bonanza which makes it’s such a fun adventure! Looking forward to going this spring if you draw my name for the early bird ticket! Thank you!

  58. charlie bruner Says:

    i love a good flea market and have never been, so i appreciate a chance to win early bird tickets, thanks!

  59. Maria Craven Says:

    Love Repurposing & Love Hirshfields! Faye of Woodbury is my go-to girl…recommend to all my friends. Please put my name in the drawing for Junk Bonanza. Thanks!

  60. Sharon Gribble Says:

    Exciting offer, look forward to attending.

  61. Marsha Says:

    Faye is also my go-to girl at Wood bury. You’re in the drawing
    and good luck.

  62. m.v. Says:

    Looking forward to this event!!!

  63. Cheryl Says:

    So Excited to check out the new paints and get inspired to create
    Love to Junk!

  64. Cherry Says:

    Can never make it to the September event. Would love to attend this one. Maybe it will be a sunny day? No matter, will enjoy myself regardless.

  65. Charles Gibson Says:

    free tickets, sounds good, but going anyway,,thanks

  66. Nancy Says:

    Would LOVE to go as a early bird!

  67. Wendy Says:

    Cottage paint sounds intriguing. Would love tickets to go.

  68. Shannon Says:

    Well, since I can’t go….I am hoping that there will be some awesome pictures on the blog, showing all the cool things that are there! Or better yet, some before and afters of projects people did after the Junk Bonanza.

  69. Darci Lambert Says:

    Hope to be able to make it!!

  70. somergirldesigns Says:

    Hirschfields is the perfect fit for redoing all of those treasures hiding in your attic! Go to the Junk Bonanza and get inspired, then stop at Hirschfields on yur way home to get started! Happy Junking!!

  71. Jenna Martin Says:

    I recently purchased a new home and joined the Hirshfield’s color club. Picking out paint colors for your home and all that comes with it is VERY overwhelming, the employees at the Hirshfield’s Eden Prairie location have made the experience fun and easy. Now it’s time to get furniture, I can’t wait for the Junk Bonanza hoping for good finds!

  72. Brenda Crawford Says:

    We always have so much fun at the Junk Bonanza! Can’t wait to go this year!

  73. Michelle Schulz Says:

    Please enter me for the chance to go as an early bird!!

  74. Ann Peterson Says:

    Me Me Me Me Me Me – Oh I’d love to be an Early Bird on Thursday morning!
    Can’t wait to check out the cottage paint – at last fall’s Bananza, I picked up the chalk paint, then attended the workshop at
    Hirschfield’s in Edina . . . oh so helpful . . . and I’ve been creating fun & unique furniture pieces ever since!
    Of course I am ever-so-curious about this new paint item that got stuck in the snow . . . I’ll stay tuned for that.
    Looking forward to getting out amongst the junk treasures on Thursday!

  75. Kimberley Beto Says:

    This sounds like a lot of fun. Thanks for the tip and for entering me. I’d love to check it out.

  76. Kate G. Says:

    Would love to go! Thanks for a great contest!

  77. Marsha Says:

    I drew the names, sent the emails, and now I’ll wait to see if the winners still plan on attending and if they are bringing a friend or flying solo. That was fun. Thanks to everyone for participating and for shopping at Hirshfield’s. We appreciate your business.
    Remember our booth is next to the Ki Nassauer store, so stop by. Don’t forget there are on-going Cottage Paint demos in the classroom off the dining area. Junkers Unite!

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