{bits & pieces: painted polygons}

Triangles1Scout & Arrow

2012 was the year of geometric patterns. From rugs, to wallpaper, fabrics and accessories, interior design was flooded with all these fabulous shapes, sizes, and colors. Triangles trended to the top of the heap for me as they seemed to be everywhere. I didn’t get too excited about them until I saw these funky painted walls.


Merci to Muriel over at http://unetouchede.canalblog.com for curating these curiously inspiring rooms. Make certain you click on the link in the post where she shares the pastel painted doors in her kitchen.

Turn your cool factor up a few degrees by checking out Muriel’s Pinterest Boards. “Paint” is my fav. Loving that European flair…


…you’ll recognize many of Muriel’s pins on Hirshfield’s Pinterest boards-check us out.

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