{new year’s resolution: streamline your design}

Raise your hand if you made a New Year’s resolution this year!

Making the resolution is the easy part, the hard part is actually following through! Have no fear, the team at Hirshfield’s is here to keep you accountable! All month long we’ll be bringing your tips and advice to help stick to your home improvement resolutions. We’ll be covering topics such as adding getting your home organized and adding color to your home. Today we’re talking about the topic of streamlining.

As with fashion, you don’t want to “over-accessorize” your home. But editing and streamlining can be difficult, especially if you have emotional or sentimental attachment to some of the things in your home.

The process of streamlining can often be made easier by having a friend or family member come over to help. They can look at your space with fresh eyes and can offer support and encouragement to do the right thing when it comes to “editing.”

Apartment Therapy offers some great interior streamlining tips in their post, “How Not to be a Hoarder.” Here are some of our favorites:

  • Remove furniture that blocks hallways and walkways and choose smaller items that fit into the space, allowing room to breathe.
  • Lose furniture that you don’t use, like tables designated only to hold piles of stuff that should be tossed anyway.
  • Clear out stuff from under the bed and under pieces of furniture that you can see. It might be a space-saver, but it looks and feels messy.

Streamlined, or minimalist, design focuses on clean lines and an abundance of space. Only the essentials are allowed to be a part of the design plan.

Now let’s take a look at what a clean, minimalist, streamlined room can look like! Could you imagine living in a clutter-free space like this or does it feel too empty for you?

minimalist design


Home Design Lover

Home Design Lover

Minneapolis design

Elle Decor via Apartment Therapy



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