{creative ways to display all those holiday cards}

Merry Christmas… Seasons Greetings… Happy Holidays…

All sentiments that are sure to come your way this holiday season via the traditional holiday card. As these treasured expressions of holiday cheer arrive in your mailbox, be sure to display them in a way that honors the sender (In other words, don’t just throw them all in a basket!).

Here are three creative ways to display all of those holiday cards:

Card Tree (Via Martha Stewart)

I love the simple elegance of this DIY card tree. Pick your own ribbon and accessories to incorporate this display into your own decor. Go chic with a brown or crimson satin ribbon or go for a whimsical touch with some gingham or holiday fabric. The branches add a rustic touch and give this card display the height and grandeur to make it a stand-alone piece. How beautiful would this look in an entry way, a dining room buffet or on the family room mantle? Directions to make this holiday card tree can be found here.

Martha Stewart

Holiday Card Wreath (Via KatyDid and Kid)

If you want to save your mantle or counter space for other holiday decorations, display your holiday cards with this hanging holiday card wreath. The kids can even get involved with this simple project. This is also a fun way to display those holiday ornaments that just don’t fit on the tree. Directions to make this holiday card wreath can be found here.

KatyDid and Kid

Ladder Christmas Card Display (Via Executive Creations)

Put that old ladder in the garage to good use as a holiday card display! If it’s looking old and dingy, give it a quick coat of paint, but don’t be afraid of the rustic, weathered look. Attach some bungee cord in an X pattern to allow for more card hanging, and add some hooks to the sides so you can hang stockings or other ornaments. Directions for making the ladder Christmas card display can be found here.

Executive Creations

Do you have a creative way to display holiday cards? We’d love to hear from you! Share your ideas in the comments section!

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