{bits & pieces: foxy finds}

Viscusi Elson Interior Design-House of Turquoise

Coral and Tusk-March 29

Source unknown

Bloesem May 4

Julia (Hirshfield’s Design Studio) is my trends prognosticator. Emerging trends, on-trend, or trends, where I’m the last one to the party, and the party was two years ago. Julia knows all.

Last year I asked Julia for her predictions on what design trends we would be seeing in 2012. Her prediction totally caught me off guard –  foxes. I had not seen one fox, much less a skulk of foxes in the design world. I went back through my favorite design/decorating blogs and came up with nothing.

My  first fox sighting was January 17, on House of Turquoise. The elusive fox crossed my path a few times, but I came to the conclusion Julia was off-base on this trend. Then the November 2012 issue of Country Living came out. Ta-da! A whole page devoted to the crafty fox. Julia wasn’t off-base, I think it took the trend a little longer to gain momentum. Move over birds, butterflies, and other small creatures, and let the fox have its day in design.

P.S. According to some comments on a post Apartment Therapy did back in February the fox has already had its day. Huh.

P.P.S. Who can forget the fox in Dr. DeSoto?

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