{bits & pieces: Sarah’s before & after photos}

“Before” photo

You recognize this living room don’t you? It’s a typical living room of a certain era; large picture window with two side windows, front door off to one side, hardwood floor and fireplace optional. (I bet there’s a coat closet behind the opened front door) Check out the “after” photo and see how the new homeowners transformed this living room into a room right out of a home decorating magazine.

The “after” photo

Sarah has done a seriously amazing job updating this room with her personal style. The highlight of the room? The window sashes painted black! Add furniture, cool rugs, new paint job, two cute dogs (one could be Halston from Ugly Betty) and this room has IT going on.

Okay, Sarah does have an interior design degree, and paired with Hirshfield’s superior paints, would you expect anything less than perfection?

Sarah said she would share photos of their work in progress. We’d love to see your “before & afters.”

We appreciate your business, Sarah. Click here for inspiration on interior trim and doors painted black.

3 Responses to “{bits & pieces: Sarah’s before & after photos}”

  1. Sarah & Adam Brackney Says:

    Thanks for the feature, Marsha! We are so happy with our choice to paint our window sashes black. It brings our little 50s home into the 21st century.

    • Marsha Says:

      I was hoping you wouldn’t take offense at the “typical living room” wording because this is the house of my youth. And is there a closet behind the front door?

  2. Amanda Says:

    Beautiful transformation…can I hire you guys to re-do the farmhouse?

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