{friday finds: trending – black interior trim and doors}

The color black has been steadily trending on the design scene. From dramatic touches of the dark color to entire rooms blanketed in it, black is back and it looks like it’s sticking around! One of the latest trends we’re seeing with black is using it to paint interior trim and doors. And we’re liking it…

Twin Cities design


Dark trim gives a room depth and adds a sophisticated touch. Of course, there is a right and a wrong way to incorporate this trend into your home. Houzz.com recommends,

“For the most lustery sheen, use a high-gloss oil paint and apply it with a sponge roller for a smooth finish. Latex is fine for lower sheens, but even coating it with glossy polyurethane will not achieve the same luscious look as oil paint. Remember, high-gloss or low-sheen, paired with white walls, black casework is a perfect example of a timeless classic for the home.”

Minneapolis design

Burnham Design Project

Black window trim can frame a stunning view…

Minneapolis design

Apartment Therapy

A black door can add visual weight to a space…

Twin Cities design


And black interior trim touches can balance a a monochromatic room…

Minneapolis design


There are no rules saying that once you starting painting doors or trim black that you have to paint them all black. Black interior trim or doors are meant to highlight the overall design of a room – use black trim just enough to make a statement but stop just short of making it the focal point of the room. And keep in mind other black elements in the room – you want your space to be glam not gloomy.

Minneapolis design

Verdigris Vie

minneapolis design

House Revivals

“It always surprises me when I suggest doing this and the clients freak out. They say they can’t imagine what it would look like. How could they be so bold? They’ve never seen anything like this! The funny thing is, they have! It is so natural that they haven’t realized they’ve seen this. The black makes the surface recess and go away, especially on mullions. Your eye goes right out to the view and isn’t hindered by a hard, stark white line. The clients that go with my recommendation are always pleased they did!”
– Brandi Hagen, Principal Designer of Eminent Interior Design in Minneapolis

Hirshfield’s is your local Minneapolis-St. Paul paint retailer. The paint experts at Hirshfield’s are here to help you with everything from window-treatments to paint colors. Hirshfield’s manufactures paint right here in Minneapolis.

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