{painted floors, another opportunity for color}

Many people overlook the floor when designing a space. Wall paint is near the top of the design list, with furniture, fabric, window coverings and accessories being foremost in our minds. Of course we think of carpet or hardwood but what if the floor is painted? This is an open opportunity for many choices.

painted floors

Stained floor colors come in many colors and floors can be re-stained if you don’t like the original color as long as it is wood that can be stripped or sanded to receive a new color.

minnesota paint

Stone and concrete can be painted to replicate stone or in solid colors to suit the design. Here minimalistic design calls for plain and simple designs in light, neutral hues.

minnesota paint

Floors that have no pattern can be embellished with patterns in many colors or to look like a natural material such as stone. It can also be made to look like tile with the use of painters tape to make the imitation grout lines.

painting floors

Elaborate patterns can be made by using tape to make each layer in this pattern that can be applied to cement or wood floors.

painting floors

This is an example of a floor medallion made of tile that has been altered to fit a new design scheme. The copper colored dark tiles in this pattern have been painted because their original green color did not match their new surroundings. First I taped around the dark color to isolate them from the grout and other tiles, and then they were coated with a primer used for non- porous surfaces. A layer of dark brown floor paint was then added and then it was finished by sponging on metallic copper to make it look like tile. This was done about 8 years ago and it is still in good condition today.

There are hundreds of opportunities to add spark and interest to boring floors whether they are in the living spaces for the utility areas such as laundry rooms and mud rooms.

Guest post from Pat Verlodt, president of Color Services & Associates, Inc

Hirshfield’s is your local Minneapolis-St. Paul paint retailer. The experts at Hirshfield’s are here to help you with everything from window-treatments to paint colors. Hirshfield’s manufactures paint right here in Minneapolis.

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