{window treatment thursday: minneapolis municipal building}

Wedding at Minneapolis Municipal building


Being in the Window Treatment Industry is an exciting and challenging career.  You see all types of homes and businesses and meet lots of interesting people.

I receive great satisfaction when I am able to help a customer find the perfect window treatment.  Over the 20+  years in this business I have many window treatment jobs that I remember in great detail. Some of those were memorable because it was a challenge to find the right product for the customer.

Recently I had one of my favorite appointments ever: the City of Minneapolis Municipal Building.  On this call, I didn’t need to help the client choose window treatments, I simply had to match the existing metal blinds. I have lived in the Twin Cities all of my life and have never been inside this building.  It is an historically significant landmark and absolutely beautiful inside.  I was even more impressed with the people who work at the Municipal Building for the care they give the building and the pride they have in preserving it.  Instead of me trying to create something uniquely wonderful for their windows, I had an easy job. But the experience certainly opened my eyes to the beauty and history of their building.  If you get the chance, a visit to the City of Minneapolis Municipal Building is a must do.  It is a true “gem” in downtown Minneapolis.

Guest post by Bonnie West, designer with Hirshfield’s Shop at Home

Shop at Home 651-366-6969

Photos courtesy of http://www.municipalbuildingcommission.org/

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