{window treatment wednesday}

Dawn Feda, Hirshfield’s Shop at Home

Well, Window Treatment Wednesday isn’t always about windows.  In the world of window treatments we work a lot with fabrics and working with fabrics allows the opportunity to cover more things . . . and showers are no exception.  Shower curtains can be much more decorative than what you’d typically find available at a traditional department/home stores.  So many bathrooms look the same: a long rectangle with a shower/tub combo at the end.  Creating a custom shower curtain can add distinctive character and really show off your personality in that small space.

Questions that come up when creating a custom shower curtain:

Can it get wet?  A traditional shower curtain liner will help protect the fabric from the water.  There is also the option of sewing a liner onto the curtain.

Do certain fabrics work better? Certain fabrics do work better than others.  Polyesters alone or blended with other materials are a good choice.  Polyesters are a synthetic material and will hold up better than a natural material like silk.  There are also numerous fabrics on the market that are classified as washable that would work for making shower curtains. Outdoor fabrics are gaining in popularity (Hirshfield’s Design Resource Showroom carries the Maria Flora line) and if a fabric can handle the outdoors, it sure can handle a bathroom!   Polyesters, washable fabrics and outdoor fabrics come in all ranges of patterns, colors and styles to fit your needs.

Dawn Feda, Hirshfield’s Shop at Home

Can you use a drapery rod in place of a shower curtain rod?   Yes.  Decorative rods come in numerous finishes and styles and most companies sell an end mount bracket that allows the rod to rest in it.  If you are having a traditional shower liner behind the custom curtain, two rods are typically used: a decorative rod in the front, with a standard shower rod hidden behind.

Atlanta Design Works

Kravet trim

Don’t Forget.  Decorative trims can be added to the shower curtain, from fringes to cording to beading. Tiebacks can also enhance the treatment.  Any pleating that is available in custom draperies can also be used in your custom shower curtain.

Arrange a free in-home consultation with one of Hirshfield’s Shop at Home designers. We specialize in custom bedding, draperies, hard and soft window treatments, and custom shower curtains…here’s our number, so call us, maybe?

Shop at Home 651-366-6969

Guest post by Dawn Feda from Hirshfield’s Shop at Home

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