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Sidelights are the long windows on either side of your front door or French doors. Offering a hearty welcome, doors with sidelights tend to be the focal point of the front or back of the home. Covering the sidelights for privacy can be challenging, as not all window treatments are available for that size of window.

Hunter Douglas’ dynamic duo, Sally and Jen, have these recommendations for covering the sidelights.

The windows on either side of your front door are known as sidelights. Keep in mind that when the front of the house coordinates, you make curb appeal more attractive. Most of our products are available in a 12″ size, so putting the same product on your sidelight that is on your other front facing windows is a smart option. The first product that I recommend is Silhouette® window shadings. They are essentially a soft 2″, 3″ or 4″ fabric vane that has a sheer to the front and back. In the open position, you will have filtered visibility outside with the sheer. Sheers always look elegant and are very practical for a sidelight as well. Close the vanes and you will have your privacy. Then with the pull of the cord, they roll up to disappear up into the headrail when you want full visibility outside. These are a perfect solution for your sidelights!!

Sally recommends Hunter Douglas Shutters. Sally has them in the sidelights in her own home, and they make a dramatic statement with curb appeal (also because they are on all of her windows that face the street). The fact that you can tilt and turn the bold louvers for privacy and light control is very appealing. She has Heritance® hardwood shutters, but there are several other Hunter Douglas shutters to choose from. Jen

 If other windows in your home are sporting honeycomb shades then the Duette Honeycomb shade should be considered.  The Duette is available in an non-operable sidelight, meaning you do not have the option of lifting the shade up and down, or is also available as a cordless operable sidelight, with the option to add Top-Down or Top Down/Bottom-Up. The top and bottom rails are stationary with both shades.
Hunter Douglas Silhouette
 Hirshfield’s window treatment experts can walk you through all the nuances of window treatments and offer up their many years of expertise. Your style. Our expertise.

{top exterior paint colors for your home}

This time of year, the paint experts at Hirshfield’s are busy helping customers select the best exterior paint color for their home. So I decided to ask Hirshfield’s color expert, Mark Masica, what colors he would choose as his top exterior color picks for the season. And the results are in!

Mark says the overall trend in exterior colors reflects colors that are found in nature. There’s just something about natural colors that Minnesotans relate to! These colors make us feel peaceful, happy and at home.

Grays with a warm undertone also remain popular for interior and exterior paint. Grays with warm undertones tend to look better on a home’s exterior throughout the year, as the seasons change.

Sage green is also a popular choice for exterior paint color this year. This color reflects the “nature” trend and looks great year round in Minnesota weather.

Here are Mark’s favorite exterior paint color picks:

Minneapolis paint

0561 Indian Hills

Hirshfield's paint

0568 Cloudy Today

Minneapolis paint 0574 Shark Fin Read the rest of this entry »

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