{adding metallic accents to your home}

There’s nothing wrong with a little “bling.” Whether it’s a statement piece of jewelry to complete an outfit, some new rims for your car or the perfect metallic accent for your home, a little bling can go a long way!

Metals are one of the most precious materials found on Earth, and when used in the home they can represent strength, beauty, and status.  Depending on the finish and how the metal is used, your interior décor and exterior detailing can be transformed instantly with timeless metals.

Here are our favorite tips for using metallic accents in your home:

Add some bling with a metal backsplash
Like we said before, a little bling can go a long way! A backsplash is the perfect place to add a touch of metallic glimmer because it serves as an accent to the overall decor. You can go for an all-out metal backsplash or simply add some metal tiles among matte finish tiles for a more subtle look.

metal backsplash ideas


Use exposed metal for an industrial feel
Exposed concrete floors, and visible metal duct work can add an industrial feel to your home.  Add in stainless steel appliances and metal furnishings for a polished, masculine look. Use streamlined, minimalist furniture to play up the metal accents.

exposed duct work

House Beautiful

Light up your home with metal light fixtures
Lighting can be a functional design element that also adds to the style of your home. Add some drama and make a statement with a metal chandelier, wall sconces or pendant lighting. The juxtaposition of a hard metal chandelier outfitted with soft candles or elegant crystals can make for an interesting showpiece.

metal light fixture

Metal light fixture as seen at Hirshfield’s Design Studio

Dress up your walls with metallic accents
There are really no limits when it comes to adding metallic accents to your home! Wallteriors, available at Hirshfield’s Design Studio in Minneapolis, offers beautiful wallcoverings that are encrusted with shimmering natural Mica flakes.

wallpaper minneapolis


Benjamin Moore offers a line of Metallic & Pearlescents Glazes. They suggest painting geometric shapes to highlight color depth and increase light reflection to create a radiant glow.

Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore Metallic & Pearlescents Glaze

Hirshfield’s is your local Minneapolis-St. Paul paint retailer. The experts at Hirshfield’s are here to help you with everything from window-treatments to paint colors. Hirshfield’s manufactures paint right here in Minneapolis.

One Response to “{adding metallic accents to your home}”

  1. Donna Frasca Says:

    Adding a little bit of shine for interest is always a good idea – pretty!

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