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What’s your Window Treatment IQ? If you’re like me, you know enough to be dangerous. I was curious about the different lifting options, manual and motorized, so I delved into the information offered by Hunter Douglas. Whoa! My eyes started to glaze over when I read “PowerTilt™  with Platinum™ Technology system and UltraGlide®  Retractable cord system.” What does that mean?

I spoke with Cindy (Hirshfield’s Maple Grove ) and Michelle (Hirshfield’s Edina) and asked how they explain the different lifting systems and how they determine which lifting system will work best for the customer. Cindy and Michelle both told me as they talk about options and features, they will demonstrate the product for the customer, and give the customer the opportunity to operate the window treatment. Cindy and Michelle also ask and answer a lot of questions.

When it comes to Window Treatment IQ, Hirshfield’s employees rank among the best. Period. Listening in on conversations between our sales staff and window treatment customers, I’m in constant awe of their product knowledge.

To give you an idea of what’s out there for lifting systems I found some interesting questions and answers on the Hunter Douglas site.  It’s pretty amazing all the options Hunter Douglas offers with their products.


We have very high windows. I would like to cover them because they allow a lot of sunlight in the morning, which heats up the house. I would like something that I can control with motorization.


I would recommend our patented PowerRise® with Platinum™ Technology battery-powered system. This system allows you to raise or lower window fashions individually or in groups from a sleek handheld remote control. This system is available on our Silhouette® window shadings, our Duette® and Applause®honeycomb shades, our Vignette® Modern Roman Shades, and our Brilliance®pleated shades. All of these products are lovely. You can’t go wrong with PowerRise!

We also have hard-wired systems with Platinum™ Technology, offering simple wiring solutions for guaranteed operation and precise control via a contemporary-styled wall switch or remote control. This is a wonderful alternative.  (HOT TIP FROM MARSHA:  Hunter Douglas consumer rebates on motorization become available the end of June.  Gather your information now, but if you can, wait another couple of week to buy.)

 Q:I want to put up a shade in my daughter’s room that blocks the sun. I’m concerned about safety, too, because I’ve heard of the terrible stories of children being hurt or worse by getting tangled in blinds and cords. What should I use?


We’re very concerned with child safety at Hunter Douglas. All Hunter Douglas products provide standard and/or optional safety features, and some products offer more than others. For example, our LiteRise® cordless system has no operating cords. It just pushes up and pulls down from the bottom. The shade or blind raises or lowers evenly to the desired position, and then holds that position, locking in automatically.

LiteRise® cordless lifting system

Some products offer the UltraGlide® retractable cord system, which is a single cord that is retractable. It hangs about 2/3 of the way down and to pull the shade upward, just pull the cord and it retracts back into the original length. It looks nice and best of all, it is very child and pet friendly.

Q:I’d like to automate the control of my window fashions in my great room. How do I know which Hunter Douglas motorized system is right for my home?

A:When deciding on motorized window fashions, the most important decision is whether or not you’re able to run individual wires to each window opening. If yes, you can choose a hard-wired switch system that operates from a wall panel or a hard-wired remote control that allows operation by wall switch or remote control. If not, your choice is battery operation with our PowerRise®,  PowerGlide,® or PowerTilt™, all with Platinum™ Technology system.  (P.S.  Don’t forget about Marsha’s Hot Tip.)

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