{what determines a color trend?}

It takes many factors to make a color trend, from fashion, politics, the economy, art exhibits, Hollywood stars, rock legends, environmental issues and dozens of other outside influences.

Fashion is always something you have to watch when tracking trends. The old world art of lace making and the use of loose woven materials with a peek of bright color behind them is a trend taken from fashion and being interpreted into home furnishings.

Color trends

Another detail taken from art to fashion is color blocking, this is the use of bright colors without pattern, combined into interesting color combinations. This popular trend is resurrected from the art of Piet Mondrian, a Dutch artist from the early 1900’s and popularized in the 60’s.

Minneapolis design

Art also influences graphic patterns. These large, bold patterns using bright hues can be found on textiles used for furniture and accessories. The large prints found in today’s ready to wear have moved to the home market in a big way.

what makes a color trend

Neon bright hues that inspire and imitate the electronics used in every device you own. These brighter than bright colors appear all over the fashion industry and have moved down the trend ladder to other applications.

color trends

Social media is a huge trend that will only continue to grown and amaze us. You Tube alone has changed how we communicate ideas and current trends. The phone market has proliferation apps that can find, match, send and inspire us with color. Pads and tablets make it easier to design, easier to envision our color choices. The internet has revolutionized the way we find information and is so instant that there is no need to leave your home. The ideas from all over the globe are available as soon as they leave a designers mouth, a fashion show in an instant is not thought of as unusual.

social media color trends

– Guest post from Pat Verlodt, president of Color Services & Associates, Inc

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