{friday finds: flat weaves}

There is nothing subtle about the new rug samples gracing the wall o’ flat weaves at Hirshfield’s Design Studio. The colors and Moroccan-inspired patterns of these flat weaves grab your attention and instantly the wheels start turning, “where can I put one these rugs in my house.”

What are flat weaves? A flat weave rug has no pile, it is thin, usually available in wool or cotton, and very durable. The rugs shown from the design studio are wool and reversible; kind of like, two rugs for the price of one. Different types of flat weaves are kilims, dhurries, and soumeks.

Flat weave rugs are versatile and can be used anywhere in your home:

  • under a dining room or kitchen table
  • layer a patterned flat weave over a solid colored rug or carpet
  • a great statement piece for your foyer/entryway
  • a patterned flat weave helps define a space
  • updates the look and feel of a room

Also, if allergies are an issue, the flat weave doesn’t have the thick pile of a carpet so the dust and dander can’t settle in.

Hirshfield’s Design Studio has the intel on these fabulous flat weaves; use the expertise of Hirshfield’s  staff in selecting the correct size for your space. Don’t be cheap and try to go too small!

Images:  Hirshfield’s, BHGHouse of Turquoise,

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