{window treatment wednesday}

Guest post from Jon Lovejoy, Hirshfield’s Edina and Eden Prairie

I appreciate my paint and wallcovering customers who also think of Hirshfields’s when it comes time to add window treatments to finish off a room. Hirshfield’s has a large selection of window treatments; from a “starter” shade to a custom drapery, and all price points in between. I enjoy hearing from customers, who thought we would be expensive, and they are pleasantly surprised when they receive my quote to see how competitively priced Hirshfield’s window treatments are.

Paint, wallcovering, and window treatments all go hand in hand to create a space you’re proud of and one that represents your personal style.

Wallcovering side note…I am surprised I still hear people in the store comment that wallcovering is not in style. Oh, so not true! I’m seeing more people finding the true balance of a beautiful home when a wonderful wallcovering is added; wallcovering really sets the mood for any space. With all the new marbles, beautiful ceramic and glass tiles customers are bringing in for us to work with, introducing wallcovering into the project adds the element which creates a true designer look.

Come see me at Hirshfield’s Edina or Eden Prairie with all your decorating projects or questions. If I don’t know the answer, I will certainly work on getting the answer for you.


P.S. Some of my co-workers and I increased our window treatment IQ and went through The Window Fashions Certification Program™ last year. Check out our credentials; I’m the good-looking one at the bottom of the page.

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