{window treatment wednesday}

As I searched the portion of my soul where window treatments reside, I found a heaping mess of drapery. I can’t help it, I will always try to find a way to include fabric in any room, on any window!

A lot of newer homes have 9′ ceilings, which is fantastic, but the windows are sometimes installed at the ‘standard’ height. This often leaves almost 24″ of empty wall above them.

When drapery is part of our design solution, we usually like to mount the decorative rods just a few inches down from the ceiling. This adds height and drama to the design but can make the empty space below the rod and above the window awkward. A favorite solution for this is to ‘outside mount’ a blind or shade just behind or just below the drapery rod.  The shade can then be left partially down to cover the awkward wall space but the stack won’t interfere with the view or reduce the light.

This solution works just as well for 8′ ceilings, too and is a great opportunity to add texture and color.  Although proper installation is key, nearly any blind or shade will work. As we’ve discussed before, woven woods are great for adding texture and atmosphere.

Left unlined, the dappled light is romantic and exotic, especially when paired with a luxurious paisley or vibrant ikat drapery. A Vignette by Hunter Douglas, similar to the wall color (almost any color will work) and flanked by drapery, a shade or two deeper, would provide a tailored and serene solution.

Conversely, a fabric roman shade in one of today’s bold printed florals underneath a pair of off-white panels that are banded on the lead edges and hem with a bright solid or trimming set in a room painted a big, juicy color will be energizing and uplifting.

The next time you look at your windows, please consider layering drapery and shades. You will have the opportunity to camouflage architectural short-comings, provide some insulating benefit and most importantly, add even more of your personality and style to your home.

Guest post from Liz Dahlin, Hirshfield’s Woodbury

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