{creating a safe home}

While it can be hard to protect our children 100% of the time when they’re out playing or at school, there are things we can do at home to make sure we are creating a safe environment for our kids.

Window Coverings
Windows serve more that just an aesthetic purpose in your home. They are also an important safety feature. The Window Covering Safety Council (WCSC) recommends homeowners and renters replace all window coverings in the home made before 2001 with today’s safer products, including cordless window coverings. Hirshfield’s offers a variety cordless options for your home that will fit right into your home’s design and safety needs. The LiteRise system allows you raise and lower your shades or blinds with just the touch of a finger and eliminates any dangling cords in your home. LiteRise is available on several Hunter Douglas window fashions.

safe window coverings

Duette Top-Down Bottom-Up with LiteRise

Paint Disposal
Paint should be kept out of the hands of young children not only for safety reasons but also so you don’t end up with a mess! Store your paint well out of reach of children and follow these tips for proper storage and disposal of paint:

Don’t throw away liquid paint in the trash or sink drain. Paint should stay in the original container. However, small amounts of latex paint can be left to dry in the can, and disposed of in the trash.

Only store paint in places that won’t freeze. Find cool, dry places to keep your paint and label containers well including the room you painted and the date, so you can keep track for touch ups.

paint disposal

To recycle paint, check with your local county recycling program. Call 1-800-CLEANUP (800-253-2687) or check out the links for your county here: http://www.hirshfields.com/services/recycling2.html

Paint Thinner, Mineral Spirits, and Lacquer Thinner Safety
These materials need to be stored out of the reach of children and away from furnaces and any gas pilot lights. Rags with stain or solvent on them must never be thrown in the garbage. If you use rages to wipe a oil based product you must lay them out to dry not bunched up, then dispose of them properly (see below). Bunched up rags with this stuff on them could start a chemical reaction and start to heat up and smolder then catch fire. Hang up rag so thinner can evaporate and thus prevent the risk of fire.

How to Safely Dispose of Flammable Rags
Place the rags in an empty metal container that has a tight metal lid such as a paint or stain can;
Fill the container with water until the rags are submerged;
Place the metal lid tightly over the water soaked formerly combustible rags;
Take the container to your local hazardous waste disposal center or save it until your local community has a hazardous waste pick up day;
Please make sure not to dump solvents or paint or anything else like this down your drain or sewer.

Furniture and flooring
Move furniture with sharp corners – such as coffee tables, chairs and TV units – away from doorways and other places where your child runs around. Lay anti-skid mats under rugs to prevent slips and falls.

modern rug

Anji Mountain Rug available at Hirshfield's Design Resource

Hirshfield’s is your Twin Cities resource for paint, design and window covering products. The paint and design experts at Hirshfield’s are here to help with your project!

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