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Offering superior energy efficiency and numerous other benefits, Duette Architella shades are the most energy efficient and best-selling honeycomb product Hunter Douglas carries. Don’t take my word for it; these stories from Hunter Douglas dealers around the country will give you insight as to why Duette Architella shades are so popular.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota
I had a project in a renovated historic building in downtown Sioux Falls.
While visiting with the customers I learned that light control for a big screen TV was the primary concern.
Although the windows were originals from 1916, they couldn’t replace them because of the building’s historic status. We recommended Duette Architella shades with an opaque fabric to save energy, and used the Top-Down/Bottom-Up design option to reduce the glare while still providing a view.

The Architella shades exceeded their expectations. They were happy with the way they complemented the decor, added color to the room, protected the TV from glare yet allowed them to enjoy their view. The biggest surprise was that after installing Duette Architella shades their energy bill went down $200 per month!

Columbus, Ohio
I received a frantic phone call from a very concerned mother whose daughter had recently opened her own chocolate shop.
Her daughter had to throw away nearly half of the chocolate the previous afternoon because the sun was literally melting her inventory!

I placed an urgent order of Duette Architella shades. When I later followed up I was given a hero’s welcome. The new shades keep the temperature up to ten degrees cooler in the store, and the Top-Down/Bottom-Up feature gives them flexibility. To show their gratitude they offered me a box of chocolates to share with everyone at our store.

Crested Butte, Colorado
My customer had a large sunroom where she grows tomatoes year round, despite the extremely fluctuating temperatures in our area.
In the sunroom we installed two 105″ wide Duette Architella shades with Vertiglide® butted up to each other, forming a perfect shield for her tomato plants. At night she closes the shades to retain heat. Most of the day she opens them to heat the sunroom, then closes them when the mid-day sun is too strong. She is able to grow heirloom tomatoes in her sunroom year-round because of the great insulating attributes of Duette Architella shades.

Youngstown, Ohio
One customer lived in a century-old home. She and her husband had worked hard at improving the energy efficiency through the years, but the rooms were still cold during the long winters. I knew immediately the product she needed was Duette Architella honeycomb shades.

There were beautiful old lace and damask curtains on each window in keeping with the period of the home. I showed her a hand sample of the Duette Architella shade and held it to the window. She was amazed at how nice the shade looked and that it did not interfere with the authenticity of the window treatments.

She ordered Architella shades for all the downstairs windows and later came back to cover the upstairs windows. Her gas bill went down $40 per month!

Richardson, Texas
My customer had a two-story home with the kids’ bedrooms and a game room upstairs. The game room window faced southwest and was bombarded by the sun for most of the day. This was heating up the entire floor, making it unlivable much of the time.

We installed one Duette Architella 1 1⁄4″ Elan Eclipse shade into the game room window. The entire second floor almost instantly became more livable. My customer uses “average billing” for his electricity, and when he got his revised billing statement his monthly cost went down by $20, plus he later received a credit that covered almost two months of payments. All from covering one window with an Architella shade!

There you have it. Any questions you may have about the Duette Architella or any other window treatment, please contact our Shop At Home division or one of our many certified window fashion specialists at our retail locations.  It sure sounds like people, and their wallets, are loving their Duette Architella shades.

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