{friday finds: benjamin moore color stories}

What do you want first? The great news or the not-so-good news?

 It’s here. Finally. The new color collection by Benjamin Moore. The line is named Color Stories and offers 240 brand new paint colors. Can you stand it? The not-so-good news is Hirshfield’s Edina is the only location with the Color Stories chip rack and pint sampling. It’s worth the trip, you’ll see.

Color Stories consists of eight volumes (color palettes). Not to sound too beige, but the Naturally Neutral and Shades of Grey volumes are hands down my favorites. The entire line is exquisite and reminiscent of Farrow & Ball’s paint line.

Quite a striking color palette, isn’t it? The paint colors in Color Stories are “full spectrum” paints. What does “full spectrum” mean? Traditionally, colors are created using two to three pigments, often including black or gray to improve the hide qualities of paint.  The Color Stories paint colors require five to seven pigments, without the addition of black or gray. The colors have  depth, luminosity, and overtones you will not find in conventional paints.

Color Stories paints are available in pint samples, quarts and gallons of Aura paint. Aura is the only Benjamin Moore product that Color Stories paints can be mixed in; the superior formula of Aura is able to support the pigment load of the Color Stories colors. Aura is a low-VOC paint and the pigments are zero-VOC so there will be virtually no odor when you’re painting. Aura is also one of Benny Moore’s more expensive paints, so we recommend you buy a sample pint. You need to “feel the Aura love” in the lighting of your own home for a few days before committing to a gallon.

Remember, the Hirshfield’s in Edina is the only location carrying the Color Stories chip rack and sample pints.

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