{friday finds: 50’s revival and what a hoot}

Audrey Jeanne

Vtwonen European paint colors

J. Crew

The appearance of coral and gray upon the color scene has been subtle, but it’s there. Coral and gray sightings started with a French illustrator on Decor8, and her adorable gray and coral owl postcards. Next were the European paint colors on the Dutch magazine, Vtwonen’s site. Lastly, an e-mail from J. Crew featuring soft coral, silk taffeta bridesmaids’ dresses on a pale gray background, and all this in the last couple months.

 I ran my “I think gray and coral are going places” theory by Greg at Hirshfield’s Design Studio, and he agreed. He has recently seen coral and gray combos in a number of European magazines; he also feels it is a revival of the colors of the 50’s. Read the rest of this entry »

{getting your home cleaned and organized for spring}

Spring has finally arrived in Minnesota! This is probably the one time of the year when the word “cleaning” actually has a positive connotation! It just feels so good to get the whole house cleaned and organized after the dreary winter months. Here are some tips for getting your home in fabulous spring form!

  • Swap out those heavy quilts and blankets for lighter-weight bedding. Store your winter blankets in under-bed boxes, zippered bags, or vacuum-seal storage bags, which save space and protect against insects. Insert cedar or lavender sachets for extra freshness.
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{window treatment wednesday}

Spring is the time when Hunter Douglas introduces to us new fabrics, colors, and features on their window shadings.

We are really excited to hear about Silhouette being introduced with the LiteRise cordless operating system.  The LiteRise cordless system conveniently controls light by raising, lowering and opening the shade easier.  It also enhances child and pet safety.  It’s available in all of the Silhouette fabrics and vane sizes.

Since spring is here, remember cleaning your Silhouette shade is easy. Lightly dust or vacuum using low suction or for more thorough cleaning, professionally clean ultrasonically. For those Asian beetles, use a can of compressed air to blow them out of the vanes.


Here’s a link to additional information on the Silhouette with LiteRise® window covering. This window covering won Product of the Year and two other awards at the Window Covering Manufacturers Association. It doesn’t get any better than this in the world of window coverings!

Guest post from the Decor Department, Hirshfield’s Lakeville location.

{friday finds: bachman’s spring ideas house 2012}

Tablescape in sunroom

Welcome to Bachman’s Spring Ideas House 2012.

“A Relaxing Renewal” celebrates spring energy and renewal. It’s all about relaxing, organizing, getting together with friends and watching things grow.”  Read the rest of this entry »

{design blogger feature: Twin Cities Design Scene}

The Twin Cities is filled with lots of great design, and lots of great design bloggers! With such a thriving design blogging community right here, we thought it would be fun to get to know each other better through some local design blogger features. A few weeks ago we featured Minneapolis design blogger, Erin from House of Turquoise. Today we are going to chat with Jennie from Twin Cities Design Scene!

Twin Cities Design Scene

Jennie, the blogger behind Twin Cities Design Scene

As a Minnesota native, Jennie has spent a lot of time learning and exploring the (excuse the pun) Twin Cities design scene. She started her blog in 2009 with the goal of creating an online resource for local design-related businesses, groups and individuals to showcase their work and connect to customers. Since starting the blog, Jennie has created an entire community of design enthusiasts who come together via her blog and Facebook page to share design-related ideas and events.

Now we’ll turn it over to Jennie and let her do the talking…

As a Minnesota native, what do you love most about living in Minnesota? Have you ever thought of living somewhere else?
It’s cliche, but I adore the Minnesota summers. Everyone seems to be coming out of hibernation and it feels like a big, happy community. There is so much to do in the summer! This summer, I am most excited to attend the Northern Spark Festival, Barbette’s Bastille Day Celebration and go to movies in the park. Although I love going to events in the summer, there is something to be said to going out in the winter. There is a great vibe when attending a concert when it is 0 degrees out, because you know  everyone is committed to being there. No one is going to leave their homes in the winter unless they REALLY want to be somewhere!

Do you have a favorite place to visit or shop to find design inspiration?
Hands down, the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. In order to understand current and future design trends , you have to have knowledge of our design past. Most of our current design trends give a nod to past designers. What is old, usually comes back as new in one way or another. The MIA has a great collection of not only paintings and sculptures, but furniture and home goods. Once you start looking through their collection, you can see how you can build an eclectic and beautiful room based upon the different eras of design.

How would you describe your personal style as it relates to home decor?
Speaking of mixing eras of design, I use a mixture of Mid Century Modern and 1930’s inspired pieces in my own space. I love the juxtaposition of the serpentine lines you find in the 1930’s furniture mixed with some of the clean, straight lines from the 1960’s.

You feature lots of local stories on your blog, is there a favorite story or person you’ve blogged about?
I’ve loved all of the people I’ve talked with for my blog and I am so appreciative of everyone who has taken time out of their days to share their stories. I love seeing the excitement people have to share their own stories. I do have to thank Swedish designer, Pia Amsell. She granted me my first in-person blog interview while she was in town in 2010 to talk about the accessories line she designed for IKEA with Barbro Wesslander. I spontaneously asked her to tell me her about her history after her public talk at the Bloomington IKEA store and she graciously took the time to talk with me for 20 minutes. You can read the interview here.

Through your current work at Spyder Trap and your past work at Room & Board and Gabberts, what have you learned about design?
What I have learned the most is good design can come in many different packages. We see all of these giant homes with expensive furniture showcased around town. Some of the most beautiful spaces I have seen are smaller apartments that have been thoughtfully put together with a combination of new, vintage and found items. While it is important to invest in quality furniture, not everyone can afford to do that. My biggest recommendation is to save up to buy quality pieces where you hang out for long periods of time, mainly your sofa, mattress and office chair. Make sure to shop around all of our locally owned stores across the cities and state to for great furniture and decor!

You can join Jennie’s community on her blog or Facebook page. Feel free to post your ideas and jump in the conversation!

{half-painted walls}

Paint It What I Tell You

Living Etc. 



Ikea Family Live

In Portugal it is traditional to render the bottom half of walls in wood. I have played with tradition and painted part of the walls instead. Shocking pink seems very bright, but when you only paint parts of the wall it makes a great backdrop for furniture.  Graca, homeowner featured on Ikea Family Live


 What do you think? Love it or leave it? My eyeballs are loving the breath of freshness and added layer of interest “painting outside the lines” brings to these rooms. Pulling the paint color down from the ceiling or wrapping paint around a door, showcases the use of paint in an unexpected way which is fun and tasteful.

 According to Remodelista, the wall in the last photo exemplifies a traditional French painted half-wall. What’s old is new again or a classic look never gone out of fashion? Either way, it’s very cool.

Are you trying to figure out which room in your home will receive a new paint job? Can I entice you with a couple of gallons of paint?

Purchase your paint at Hirshfield’s and save your receipt. Send a before and after photo of your room rocking a half-painted wall and Hirshfield’s will refund half of your paint purchases. Just kidding, we’ll refund the full amount.  The first one to submit their B&A photos will be declared the winner! One winner and one winner only.

P.S. Make certain to click on the sourcing links to catch all the great half-wall images.

{friday finds: decorating with green}

Everyone’s Irish on St. Patrick’s Day! St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated on March 17, the saint’s religious feast day and the anniversary of his death in the fifth century. The Irish have observed this day as a religious holiday for over 1,000 years – giving us lots of traditions and inspiration to draw from!

For example, some St. Patrick’s Day traditions and symbols include:

  • The shamrock: The shamrock was chosen Ireland’s national emblem because of the legend that St. Patrick had used it to illustrate the doctrine of the Trinity.
  • Leprechauns: The name leprechaun comes from the old Irish word “luchorpan” which means “little body.” A leprechaun is an Irish fairy who looks like a small, old man about 2 feet tall. He is often dressed like a shoemaker, with a crooked hat and a leather apron.
  • The harp: The harp is an ancient musical instrument used in Ireland for centuries. It is also a symbol of Ireland. It appears on Irish coins, the presidential flag, state seals, uniforms, and official documents.

And of course, the color green! Believe it or not, the color of St. Patrick was not actually green, but blue. But in the 19th century green became used as a symbol for Ireland. In Ireland, there is plenty of rain and mist, making the ‘Emerald Isle’ green all year-round. The beautiful green landscape was probably the inspiration for the national color.

Wearing the color green is considered an act of paying tribute to Ireland. It is said that it also brings good luck, especially when worn on St. Patrick’s Day. We think it never hurts to bring a little luck o’ the Irish into your home with some green design either!

green benjamin moore paint

House Beautiful

This room is painted in Benjamin Moore’s Forest Moss. “When you paint the trim the same color as the walls, it brings your eye up. It’s like wearing a black skirt, black stockings, and black high heels. It makes you looks taller.” -Meg Braff, designer

Hirshfield’s Cyan Sky 0681

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