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We promised you if you stayed tuned, we would follow-up our post on wallpaper tools and supplies with a post on how to hang wallpaper. And we like to stay true to our promises! So now that you have the right tools and supplies, let’s go over some best practices for hanging wallpaper:

Prepping your walls to hang wallpaper:

  • Remove all outlet plates, vent covers and anything else that can be removed to make less taping work for you. Turn off the electrical current to the room and cover electrical outlets with masking tape.
  • For painted walls: Wash walls with solution of trisodium phosphate, then rinse with clean water and allow to dry.
  • For new sheetrock: Apply two coats of Hirshfield’s Wall Prep Universal Primer.
  • For wallpapered walls: Remove, clean off old paste, rinse and dry.
  • The wallpaper experts at Hirshfield’s recommend using Hirshfield’s Wall Prep on painted surfaces with flat paint, and Uniprep over surfaces with a sheen.
  • Repair and patch holes and cracks.
  • Check that all dye lot numbers are the same on each roll and inspect each roll of wallpaper for flaws.

Measuring and cutting wallpaper:

  • Start in an inconspicuous corner (i.e behind a door), and plan to work hanging the wallpaper from right to left.
  • Take the width of the paper minus 1/2″ and measure that distance out to the right from the corner. With a pencil, draw a straight vertical line using a plumb or a level. Determine the pattern desired at the ceiling line before cutting your first strip.
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