{wallpapering tips: tools and supplies}

Ready to take the plunge and embrace the wallpaper trend? The wallpaper experts at Hirshfield’s are ready to help, seam roller and broad knife in hand!

Let’s back up for a second. For some of us, hanging wallpaper can’t begin until the old wallpaper has been taken down. For those of you who fall into this category, check out our  tips on how to remove wallpaper.

Ok, now that the wallpaper has been removed, let’s talk about the tools and supplies you’ll need to hang your fabulous new wallpaper.

  • Sizing: Sizing will help to keep seams from opening up or shrinking. This product also aids in the future removal of wallcoverings. Hirshfield’s recommends Uniprep 100% Acrylic Universal Wallcovering Prepcoat for shiny surfaces and Wallprep Universal Primer over flat, unsealed surfaces.
  • Border Adhesive: This product ensures proper adhesion of borders when installed over a coordinating wallcovering. This is not for use over painted surfaces because of the strong adhesion. Hirshfield’s paint experts recommend AllPro Border Adhesive.
  • Prepasted Activator: This product is applies like a wallcovering adhesive and activates the dry adhesive on the back of prepasted wallcoverings. Prepasted Activator is a great alternative to water and a water tray as it provides extra track to prevent seam separation. Give Hirshfield’s Prepasted Activator a try.
  • Adhesives: For most wallcoverings requiring adhesives (lightweight vinyls, strings, murals), Hirshfield’s recommends the Hirshfield’s Clear Adhesive. For heavyweight vinyls, the experts at Hirshfield’s recommend All Pro Extra Strength Vinyl Adhesive.
  • TSP: Use trisodium phosphate to wash walls prior to sizing. Be certain to rinse well with clean water.
  • Spackle: For minor wall repair
  • Corner Guards: Provides inexpensive protection to outside corners after wallcovering is installed.

You’ll also want to talk to your local Hirshfield’s paint and wallpaper professional about purchasing the best paint roller, razor or snap knife, seam roller, broad knife, bubble stick, smoothing brush and drop cloth for your project.

Stay tuned for our follow-up post on how to hang wallpaper!


Guadeloupe wallpaper by Thibaut

Osborne & Little

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