{friday finds: silhouettes by ashford house}

Scenic Woodland

Medallion with Scroll

When I hear, “you’re going to love this new book” my heart races for a few seconds. A new wallcovering book always carries the hope of great expectations. The Silhouettes book is a winner in every category!

Asian Scenic

Asian Scenic close up

Large Swirl Geo

Open Trellis

Lacey Circle Geo

Tulip Damask

Paisley Swirl

Paisley Swirl close up

Tree Silhouette

Scenic Vines

Scenic Vines close up

Vertical Half Squiggle

Julia, Hirshfield’s Design Studio, offers up this book report:

This book is fresh, cheerful, and has a good mix of colors and patterns. Sometimes a manufacturer has a fantastic pattern, but has it colored wrong or vice versa. Not this book.

The patterns are versatile and not tied to a particular style; they are suitable for contemporary, traditional, or transitional spaces. The designs are very current and on-trend:  geometric, chinoiserie, butterflies, birds, damask variation, trellis, and faux bois.

The look, and even feel, of the papers are similar to the Farrow & Ball block printing process. Totally old-school, totally very expensive looking. Farrow & Ball can cost in the upwards of $200+ per single roll, the Silhouettes papers retail for $48.99-$53.99 per single roll. Plus, it is made in America.

We all love the book here at Hirshfield’s. Do you have a favorite pattern? Which room would you use it in?

Always call your local Hirshfield’s store and verify they carry a particular book, or that the book is not checked out, before you make a special trip.

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