{Hirshfield’s Colour Canvas 2012: Part 1}

Color is the universal language. Throughout the globe, color is used to convey emotion, personal style, drama and storytelling.

The interesting thing about color is the way it can be mixed and matched to create functional color palettes that compliment larger societal trends.

The Hirshfield’s Colour Canvas 2012 collection features color combinations that harmonize with the greater surrounding colors representative of different regions, along with forecast color trends. Each of the color combinations demonstrates the use of a neutral or off-white mixed with forecast colors and harmonizing hues. In this post, we will take you on a tour of three of the six new collections; the Australian, Asian and European collections.

The colors in the Australian collection represent the area’s rich culture of aboriginal art, the treasured Great Barrier Reef and the simple, clean design  common in Australian homes.

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