{what’s on thibaut’s best sellers list?}

If you’re not familiar with Thibaut, they offer over 50 books in their wallpaper library. Each collection contains a distinct group of designs by themes such as traditional, nautical, stripes or toile. Also, included in the offering are papers, vinyls, natural textures, and lovely fabrics.

Here are the top four patterns from their best-selling book Texture Resource Vol. 3:

Tuscany Leather

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{tips for painting large spaces}

So you’re ready to paint the largest room in your house? Great! The paint experts at Hirshfield’s love tackling large painting projects, and they love helping customers do the same! So if you find yourself standing in front of a large blank canvas in your house, stop in to your local Hirshfield’s and let the experts share their advice. Mike Adochio, from Hirshfield’s in West St. Paul, shared some of his best large-scale painting tips with me to get us started.

How much paint should I buy for my large room?
The average gallon of paint should cover about 350 square feet. This will vary based on a few factors:

  • How much texture is on the walls: The more texture the less square footage you will get out of the gallon.
  • When was the last time said area was painted: A “dry” wall will soak in more paint vs. a wall that was more recently painted. New drywall should be primed with a drywall primer first. Using primer will help increase the amount of area the paint will cover.

Should I use a paint sprayer or paint roller?

painting tips

Wooster Brush

For applying the paint, I would never use a sprayer unless there is nothing in the room. Meaning no trim or floor to deal with.  A sprayer will require much more prep then brushing and rolling. You will have to mask off every area in order to make sure that the paint will not overspray on it.  The time that you may save will be lost in the prep and clean up. Remember, painting is not a race!

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{creating a sophisticated kids room}

Ask any parent and they will tell you that kids grow up just too darn fast. So when it comes to decorating their bedroom, you want to make sure you invest your dollars wisely to create a space that can grow with them.

Decorating a nursery
Decorating a nursery for baby is one of those special moments in parenthood. And when you first bring your sweet baby home it it can sometimes be hard to imagine that one day they won’t be needing a changing table, crib or rocking chair. So when planning the decor for your nursery, think about adding pieces that can transition from baby to toddler to tween to teen.

In this European-inspired nursery, a neutral wall color offsets the whimsical curtains and furniture. The paint color, Benjamin Moore‘s Caramel Apple, will serve as the perfect neutral backdrop for many years to come. The fabric on the window treatments is playful, yet sophisticated. And the changing tray can be removed from the chest of drawers for an easy transition from nursery to child’s room.


Design Dazzle


Design Dazzle

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{friday finds: decorating with books}

Sure e-readers and tablets provide a nice, organized way to keep track of all your books, but when it comes to home decor, nothing beats the real thing. Of course, actually reading the books is optional.

“It’s nice to have books around. They add so much ambiance. I hope we never live to see the day when books are eliminated from the home,” said Minneapolis interior designer, Jim Noble (Minneapolis Star Tribune, “Decor by the books“).

Books add warmth, dimension and visual interest to a space. There’s just something about having books around that make a room feel more important.

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{save energy in style}

Save energy in style with the Hirshfield’s!

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{friday finds: silhouettes by ashford house}

Scenic Woodland

Medallion with Scroll

When I hear, “you’re going to love this new book” my heart races for a few seconds. A new wallcovering book always carries the hope of great expectations. The Silhouettes book is a winner in every category! Read the rest of this entry »

{cutting down on winter energy costs with the right window treamtments}

It looks like winter has finally decided to make an appearance in Minnesota! So it’s a good thing Hirshfield’s worked with Minneapolis news station WCCO on a story about how the right window treatments can help save you money on winter energy bills – just in time for the blowing wind and dropping temps!

Watch WCCO’s story on Cutting Down on Winter Energy Costs.

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