{friday finds: hirshfield’s employees favorite paint brush picks}

Using a high quality paint brush always produces better results for any project. Higher quality paint brushes have a number of advantages over lesser made products.  When “cutting-in” along ceilings and trim, better brushes always produce sharper, cleaner lines while releasing the paint evenly. If your paint is drying streaky, or the paint is not going on smoothly, it could be the brush and not the paint product. A good quality brush also saves the user time and money by cleaning up easier and lasting years longer than cheaper products. Tim, Lakeville

Hirshfield’s employees all agree a quality brush is the key. Being in the business, Hirshfield’s employees and professional painters have strong opinions about their personal preferences. Nylon or polyester bristles? Ox-Ear hair or China bristle? Does a 3″ brush give you hand fatigue? Are the bristles too stiff for cutting in? Who knew? Hirshfield’s knows.

Here are the personal favorites from our store employees:

Wooster 3″ Alpha – Holds the most paint, minimal brush marks, cleans up very easily, and is reasonable priced. Mike, Savage CSC
It holds its shape through multiple use and cleans up with ease. The bristles seem to get softer and easier to make sharp cut lines with each use. Lakeville
I like the way the brush feels when applying the paint and the ease in which it cleans up. Rodger,  Maple Grove

Wooster Silver Tip – Flows great, easy to clean, works for nearly everything and is cheap. St. Cloud

Our favorite brush to suggest to customer’s is the Wooster “Silver Tip.” Available in 1 1/2′, 2″, & 2 1/2″ with an angular cut to it is the perfect trimming brush priced at an unbelievable value of between just under $6.00 to just over $7.00 (depending on size) The brush looks & performs like a brush costing twice as much! Southdale

Wooster Ultra Pro Extra-Firm Lindbeck – The extra-firm makes it easier to control the bristles for a crisp, straight line. Neil, Roseville

Corona Cortez 2.5″ angle brush – It has the nicest feel in the hand, picks up the most paint, and lays it down very smoothly. When it’s time to clean, the paint comes out of the brush very easily. I recommend it to everyone. Troy, Hudson

Corona Vegas 2″ –  It is a 100% nylon brush and it releases and lays down the paint nicely. The brush itself is thinner and gives a nice, smooth finish. It does a good job of cutting inMike, CSC, Minneapolis

Corona 2.5″  Red –  The bristles are firm for pushing the paint, and also flagged and staggered to prevent brush marks. However, the “biggest” reason I dig this brush is one of its “smaller” features… a short handle! The shorter handle automatically makes you hold the brush like a pencil or pen, thus giving you natural confidence and control. It works greatJames, Roseville

Using high quality materials always ensures the best results for any paint related project. Hirshfield’s offers quality materials and the smartest paint people in the business. Stop by and check us out.

P.S. An idea for those cheap brushes you’ll be tossing out.


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