{friday finds: lustron homes}

Interior of a Lustron home

Lustron home in Minneapolis

Lustron walls before assembly

Thank you, Twin Cities Design Scene, for turning me on to Lustron homes. Steve Date, with MinnPost, wrote a piece on these very interesting post РWWII  factory built, metal homes. The Lustron wall panels, interior and exterior, are similar to the enameled porcelain of a stove top (on the non-stainless stoves). Steve also shares a video clip of the interior of one of the Lustron homes here in town.

If you’re planning a Lustron field trip in Minneapolis, there are five homes along 50th & Nicollet and two homes on the 4900 block of Cedar Avenue. About 2,680 Lustron homes were built over the two years the company was in business and there are approximately 1,500 Lustron homes left in the country.

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