{favorite fall accessories}

Why hello, Fall…

Despite the warm, summer-like weather we had been experiencing these last few weeks, the changing colors of the leaves on the trees remind us that fall is indeed upon us. At Hirshfield’s, we always welcome the changing of the seasons because it means a changing of the decor and accessories in our home!

We’re not talking a complete overhaul, just some simple updates to make your home cozy and comfortable for the season.

You can never go wrong with natural elements, especially in a season when nature has so much to offer! We found this Anji Mountain Rug and Petrified Wood Table over at Hirshfield’s Design Studio. Both add a warm, natural touch to any room.

Anji Mountain Rug

Petrified Wood Table

Nature is also a great source of color inspiration this time of year. Rustic oranges and deep reds paint the leaves outside, and serve as wonderful accent colors for inside. Artwork and accessories in these rich colors can easily be swapped in and out for the season, but if you want to make the color a mainstay in your home we recommend Hirshfield’s Lava Lamp or Wild Rose.

Lava Lamp / Wild Rose

I probably spent more time than I should have looking at other great fall decorating ideas over on Pinterest. Just search “fall” and say goodbye to anything else you hoped to accomplish today 🙂

Place some candles, mini pumpkins and gourds inside lanterns for festive look.


Why wouldn’t you decorate  a pumpkin with lace? Simply lay the lace fabric over the pumpkin, cutting a hole at the top for the stem. Gather the fabric at the bottom, trim the excess and secure the lace in place using running stitches in a wheel-spoke pattern.


For a contemporary twist on fall decor, how about making your own funky fall acorns? You can find the step-by-step tutorial on EverythingEtsy.com.


Lastly, I’ll leave you with a little curb appeal inspiration. Happy Fall!


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