{friday finds: inspiration rooms: loft design}


  • A large, usually unpartitioned floor over a factory, warehouse, or other commercial or industrial space.
  • Such a floor converted into an apartment or artist’s studio.

Demi Moore's loft in "Ghost"

The word “Loft” has shifted meaning over the years. It used to adhere to the standard, textbook definition above. But in the 1990s, developers started building “lofts.”

But whether it’s an industrial rehab or new construction, nowadays “loft” is a loose way of saying: “This place is very, very hip.” Yet despite it’s “hipness”, lofts can sometime be challenging to decorate. Wide open floor plans make it challenging to define individual spaces,  and cold, industrial elements can make it hard to create a homey environment.

When you land your dream loft, keep these decorating tips in mind:

  • Defining the Space: Start by walking around your loft to find the best spot for the living area, sleeping space and dining room. The living area should have a room with a view, so arrange your sofa where you will be able to take full advantage of the scenery. However, for your bedroom you probably want to choose an area that has a little less sunlight so as not to disturb your beauty sleep.
  • Choosing a Style: Most lofts lend themselves to a more contemporary or modern style of décor, with sleek lines and smooth surfaces. However, you can soften the look of the space by combing traditional antiques with modern furniture or by placing plants or other natural elements throughout the loft.
  • Choosing a Color Palette: A common color scheme in decorating a loft is neutral, with hues of beige, taupe and white throughout. Since most lofts are made up of one large, uninterrupted space, it’s usually best to stick with a single color palette. But don’t be afraid to go bold with an accent wall or wall art!
  • Dealing with High Ceilings: Ceilings in lofts tend to be high, and usually feature exposed ductwork and beams. To visually lower the ceiling and camouflage some unwanted features, consider painting the ceiling a darker color like a rich brown or even black. You can also add architectural elements like crown molding to bring the ceiling height down.

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{modern interior design: using black and orange all year round}

We can appreciate the colors black and orange as they relate to Halloween – these colors have been a long-standing Halloween tradition. But what we can also appreciate are ideas and inspiration for how to use these colors in contemporary interior design, year round!

Black is coming back. In fact, black accents are the best way to update any hue.
Michelle Lamb, her takeaway from the Maison & Objet show in Paris, France

Rusty orange paired with everything
– Top trend from Michelle Lamb, her takeaway from High Point Market

These photos were posted in our Friday Finds: Black and Orange post last year, but I am still obsessed with them. This house is located in upstate New York. Maybe it’s the rustic, barren environment paired with the weathered look of the black and orange house that just makes it look so right to me. It’s possible that if the photos were taken in the spring or summer I would feel different about it, but for now I’m still in love.

Peter Pennoyer / cococozy.com

Peter Pennoyer / cococozy.com

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{friday finds: window treatment promotions}

Natural Shade with a header

Natural Textured Shade

 If you are in the market for new window fashions Hirshfield’s has a great window treatment sale* going on.

 The Premier Collection is a new product line Hirshfield’s is excited to offer our customers. This is a great shade if you are looking for an economy shade. Included in the collection are Natural Shades, Roman Shades, Roller Shades, Real Wood and Faux Wood blinds, and Cellular Shades. A wide variety of weaves, fabrics, and opacities are presented in this collection.

The Premier Collection Sale highlights:

Mix and Match Progressive Saleends October 31, 2011
Additional 10% off the purchase of one or two products
Additional 15% off the purchase of three or four products
Additional 20% off the purchase of five or more products

$99 Measure/Install on The Premier Collection – ends October 31, 2011
From one window to 15 windows $99 (On five windows you save approx. $86)

Free Top Down – Bottom Up on the Cellular Shadesends October 27, 2011

Hunter Douglas Silhouette

On our Hunter Douglas products:

Free Installation on Hunter Douglas
$500 minimum purchase
Promotion ends October 31, 2011

Free LiteRise® upgrade on Duette, Vignette Tiered, Brilliance Pleated, Country Woods, Everwood – ends November 30, 2011

Free UltraGlide® upgrade on Duette, Silhouette, Pirouette, Vignette Modern Roman Shade – ends November 30, 2011

Hunter Douglas Celebrate the Season Mail-in rebates – ends December 12, 2011
Here’s the link for the particulars on the Hunter Douglas rebates.

Buyer be aware. It’s not unusual for some dealers to adjust their retail pricing during sales. Make sure you compare the bottom line pricing after all discounts and rebates are applied to your purchase.

* If the install is going into a concrete wall,  you live beyond 30 miles, or you have a specialty window; these are examples where it might cost you more than the sale offers.  Any questions check with a Hirshfield’s sales person for clarification.

{national energy awareness month}

October is celebrated as National Energy Awareness Month. Each year for Energy Awareness Month, the Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) provides materials and ideas to promote energy-saving practices. This year’s theme is Turn Words into Action; Turn Action into Results.

The team at Hirshfield’s is ready to help you turn your actions into results by helping you pick out the best, high efficiency window treatments for your home!

But how can window treatments save me money? Aren’t they there just to look pretty? Alas, window treatments from Hirshfield’s combine beauty and energy efficiency:

Window treatments as insulation
In the winter, as much as 40% of the heat that escapes a home flows through the windows. During the summer, heat from the sun’s rays coming through the windows can make it harder to keep a home cool. Energy-efficient window treatments can help decrease heat loss and heat gain, thereby reducing heating and cooling costs.

R-value is a measure of a product’s ability to resist heat flow, which is especially important in the cool winter months. The higher the R-value number, the more insulation it provides and the better it is at reducing heat loss.

A bare, low-e double-glazed window has an R-value of about 3.5. Add a properly installed Duette® Architella™ 1 1/4″ honeycomb shade with Panache™ opaque fabric and the R-value peaks at 7.86, more than doubling the energy efficiency and reducing heat loss by over 50%.

The most energy efficient treatments feature a honeycomb construction. The cells actually trap the hot or cold air, decreasing the intensity of the temperature as it enters the room. A honeycomb shade with a triple cell construction will increase the energy efficiency of a single pane of glass by five times and more than double the energy efficiency of a double-glazed window.

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{window treatment advice needed}

A customer (potential customer) sent in a couple of photos of the windows in her living room. She wants privacy, but still would like to see out of her windows. I asked a couple of Hirshfield’s window treatment experts to take a look and offer her some suggestions…check back to see what they have to say.

Thanks, Deb, for submitting your question.

{favorite fall accessories}

Why hello, Fall…

Despite the warm, summer-like weather we had been experiencing these last few weeks, the changing colors of the leaves on the trees remind us that fall is indeed upon us. At Hirshfield’s, we always welcome the changing of the seasons because it means a changing of the decor and accessories in our home!

We’re not talking a complete overhaul, just some simple updates to make your home cozy and comfortable for the season.

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{friday finds: benjamin moore 2012}

Walls: Sharkskin (2139-30), ceiling: Wythe Blue (HC-143), trim: Battenberg (AF-70), stencil: Fresh Olive (2149-30)

Walls: Wythe Blue (HC-143), ceiling: Battenberg (AF-70), trim: Storm Cloud Gray (2140-40)

  Pretend you’re at the eye doctor; do you like room one, or do you like room two better? One or two?

Benjamin Moore showcases their 2012 trend colors in these fabulous room sets. One room, two different looks. It’s all about paint color changing the appearance of a room. Warm or cool? Traditional or contemporary? Right or wrong? Read the rest of this entry »

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