{friday finds: ombré}

OMBRÉ– om-bray {French} for having colors or tones that shade into each other – used especially in fabrics in which the color is graduated from light to dark.

Bits and Bobs - Ombre Cakes

Jessica Sprinkel - Pretty In Pink

Attic Magazine

You’ve seen it around. Fabrics, hair, clothing, cakes, and now furniture. Doesn’t the gradation of color remind you of a paint chip? Attic Magazine has a great post showing older dressers transformed into modern beauties. A can of paint can make a room, or piece of furniture, come alive again. This is my kind of project-giving new life to an existing piece of furniture, for not a lot of money.

Here are some other fine examples of the look of ombré.

Trapped in New Jersey

Trapped in North Jersey tells how she gave her dresser the ombré look. She’s right when she said, her lighting wasn’t very good. This is the Benjamin Moore color Autumn Red 2087-40 that started the project. You can’t tell on-line but it is a very pleasing medium pink.

2087-40 Autumn Red

Madigan Made lent the ombré look to her craft storage space.

Vanni Archive-Photographers

I love the subtlety of the color gradation of the tiles.

What’s your opinion on ombré? Is there a place for the look in your home? You can certainly keep it in mind when you are out thrifting and find a piece of furniture you cannot leave behind.

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