{popular exterior window colors}

Before we talk about window colors we have to define what constitutes a window? A window consists of glass set in frames, often manufactured and then framed. There are literally dozens of parts found in a window including stiles, sashes, casings, rails, muntins, mullions and lintels. For this exercise we will be discussing the parts of windows that require paint. If the window is manufactured using vinyl, a very common application; then that part does not need paint, but window trim is usually made of wood and there is an opportunity to add color to an exterior scheme.

The most popular color for windows is white, probably because so many windows are made with white vinyl. White is the top seller mostly because of convenience, keep them white and repainting is easy with no need to get a color matched. But keep in mind there are many whites out there, make sure the white you used 10 years ago is the same white today.

The second most popular color for windows is brown, both dark and light varieties. This stands to reason since the most popular siding and body paint colors are earthtones in shades of browns and beiges. Brown is also popular due to the use of brown stained wood and brown bricks used for the majority of the home exterior.

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