{top tips for adding color to your space}

Choosing a paint color can be tricky. What color do you choose? Do you need an accent color? What color should your accessories be? It can be enough to make you just want to stick with beige! But don’t worry – you know your local Hirshfield’s color expert is always ready and willing to help you pick out the perfect paint color and give you advice.

For a quick lesson in color, we found an article over on HGTV.com outlining the top 10 tips for adding color to your space – here are some of the tips we like best:

Use the 60-30-10 Rule
Decorating a space in terms of color is as easy as 60-30-10. Don’t believe me? Take a look at some rooms in magazines or in Designers’ Portfolio. You’ll notice that the rooms you like the most are almost invariably divided into percentages of 60-30-10. Why this works is anybody’s guess. Perhaps it is the human tendency to see an overall theme in the 60 percent hue, unifying the coloration. The 30 percent provides visual interest and the 10 percent, not unlike jewelry, provides that little spark of sparkle.

HGTV.com / Design by Kenneth Brown.

So, when decorating a particular room, divide the colors into percentages:
60% of a dominant color
30% of a secondary color
10% of an accent color

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