{friday finds: hirshfield’s color call – the movie}

We thought it would be helpful for people to see what takes place during a color call. We asked Kathy Basil, from Hirshfield’s Design Studio, to show us how she works with customers during an exterior color call.

In addition to selecting paint colors, Kathy suggested changing the color of the shutters, adding a shutter, beefing up the light fixtures alongside the garage door, and trimming branches that blocked the view of the home from the street. Ahh, a fresh pair of eyes is sometimes what it takes to see the obvious.

What you don’t see are Kathy and Mrs. H heading over to another neighborhood where Mrs. H showed Kathy her favorite house. The color of the house was gold, and Kathy explained to Mrs. H why that color would not work with her home. Trusting Kathy’s knowledge of color and experience, Mr. & Mrs. H took a leap of faith, and went with her suggestions for the paint colors.

The couple is in the process of implementing Kathy’s suggestions and are very pleased with the changes, including the new paint color.  It took them a while to warm up to the huge change in their home’s appearance, but it helps when people you don’t know, stop and tell you how much they like the new paint color.

Check out the post Amy did earlier in the week highlighting Hirshfield’s color calls.

Check out Hirshfield’s video library at: youtube.com/hirshfieldspaint

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