{best colors for workplaces}

Does your place of work make you feel inspired? Stressed? Sleepy? It can be more than just the pile of papers and clutter on your desk that can affect the way you feel at work. Color and design can also leave you feeling any variety of emotions that could affect your productivity in the workplace.

Of course everyone is different and everyone’s work has a different definition of “productivity,” so in reality there is no one magical color combination that is perfectly suited for a work environment. Pantone.com offers some variables to consider when choosing a color for your space:

  • What are the other colors that are present in the area—flooring or carpeting, blinds, chairs, tabletops, etc.?
  • What is the color of the widget you are producing and is there just one color or many colors?
  • What is the geographic location as that will affect the light in the space?
  • How much natural light enters the the area and what direction do the windows face? What is the source of artificial lighting?

Once you have answered these questions for yourself, there are still some other general color rules to keep in mind:

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