{customer appreciation}

We want our customers to have a good experience at Hirshfield’s. Sometimes we get it right, sometimes not so right. Last week two Hirshfield’s customers took time to write a thank you to Jim (Robbinsdale) and Kathy (Hirshfields’s Design Resource Showroom.)  Expertise and customer service are what impressed these two customers.

Store Manager:

At your store this morning, I was assisted by Jim in choosing/matching a paint color that I tried to identify with my own, very old color chip. Not only did he succeed in matching my sample color chip and mixing the paint I needed, but he met this customer’s needs with efficiency, patience, and just enough cordial interaction to help this spur-of-the moment customer feel comfortable. That is customer service that as an asset to your store as well as the “down home” reputation of Robbinsdale. 

With much appreciation,


Hi Kathy,

Just a note to say thanks once again for your help with (our) exterior paint choice. You certainly know what you are doing. We LOVE the new house color! My life has been so much better since I met you.


Thanks for the notes, G and Sue. We are grateful you chose Hirshfield’s and we appreciate your business.

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