{decorating the outdoors like the indoors}

We’ve talked about bringing the outside in when it comes to decorating, but we haven’t yet talked about bringing the indoors out. It may seem strange to create an outdoor living space that mimics the inside of your house, but we think we can sway your opinion with these ideas.

The hearth is the heart of the home, whether it’s indoors or outdoors. A warm fire allows you to enjoy chilly evenings outside when you would normally retreat indoors. A large picnic table and lots of seating will allow you to entertain family and friends around the fireplace.

Better Homes & Gardens

House Beautiful

Lighting is also important when creating an outdoor living space. Use various types of lighting such as landscape lighting, ceiling fans or decorative side lighting just as you would in your indoor spaces. Creating a lighting plan will not only add ambiance to your space, but it will also add functionality.


When hosting a party, guests usually end up sitting on uncomfortable folding chairs or rickety patio furniture. But why not bring some of your indoor furniture out? Ohdeeoh.com suggests tossing a blanket over the furniture or wrapping sensitive feet/parts with saran wrap to keep the elements out if you are worried about things getting dirty. These photos are from a child’s birthday party are featured on Ohdeeoh.com.



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