{friday finds: stencils 2011}

Are stencils growing in popularity? Or is it my love of stencils that make me want to believe more and more people are jumping on the stencil bandwagon?  Either way, I’d like to share some favorite stencil projects that I keep referencing back to time and time again.

This lovely henna hand is stenciling the inside of a tent…no, not a tent you take camping up north, but a Moroccan tent. Alicia, from LULU Painting here in Minneapolis, traveled to Morocco in May 2010 and worked on the interior of a tent used for entertaining at Peacock Pavilions.

Melanie Royals, Royal Design Studio, is heading out on another trip to Morocco, just in case anyone is interested.

Speaking of Melanie Royals, these photos showcase some of her stencils. The paint colors made me do a double take; but after scrutinizing the photos, it is the combination of pattern and color that make all these room settings so gorgeous.

Lisa Goulet Design glammed up her foyer with black paint and the Royal Design Studio Moorish Stencil. Take a look at her before and after photos and I think you can appreciate the saying in the paint biz “see what a difference a new coat of paint can make.”

Last but not least, is a stencil project from Isabella and Max Rooms. Out of the hundreds and hundreds of stencils to choose from would this be the stencil I would have chosen? Probably not, but after seeing the end result it looks like the pattern was created for the space. The pattern makes the entire room come alive.

I’m curious if stenciling ever comes up as an option in a decorating project when you’re chatting with friends about house and home? Or is its popularity a figment of my imagination? Stenciling can be a great DIY project or if you need to bring in the pros call Alicia at LULU Painting or Melinda at M&M Bender Designer Wall Finishes.

2 Responses to “{friday finds: stencils 2011}”

  1. StuccoHouse Says:

    Love, love, love the pink bedroom stencil.

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